Reversed Concentration


Since I’ve started taking Adderall, I’ve really started seeing changes. I have more energy, am hardly ever hungry, and can even concentrate better. Sure I shake almost constantly, but that’s excusable due to the colder weather we’re having.

You’d think that since I spend so much time concentrating on food, that I’d be falling behind in school. But much to the contrary, I’m actually excelling. I focus as much energy as I can manage on school, I study, read, learn almost constantly. I’m practically fluent in French. I even dream in French sometimes.

My mom hardly notices of course, she’s too caught up in her own world. She tries to care for the kids, but honestly, she’s such a mess that she does more damage than good. But we all tell her she’s the greatest anyways. She deserves it.

And of course, studying is the best excuse to skip dinner.

The End

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