Killing Two Birds with One Perscription


Sometimes, I hate being the oldest. But other times, it’s great. My siblings assume that since I’m oldest, I’m also the wisest.

Mom told me to take my little brother to the doctor because he kept getting all jumpy at school. Turns out he has ADHD . The doctor perscribed Adderall. I pick up at the pharmacy, put it in my backpack and started giving him vitamin tablets instead. He’s been sitting still ever since, supposedly sedated. And me, I get to keep the Adderall for myself. Brilliant for when I’m feeling down and thus hungry.

And since I had to quit smoking after I kept getting asthma attacks while running, it’s a great alternative to stop the cravings. God I miss smoking though. Terribly expensive habit though. But our insurance covers the new one.

Of course I feel a bit guilty. But who the hell trys to sedate a seven year old? Little kids are supposed to be hyper. It’s like a law or something. As I see it, this is killing two birds with one stone. Or two birds with one perscription.

The End

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