Her Way...Or No Way

My sister, Tess, was pencil thin, always had been, always will be. If you’re really looking for a cause, somewhere for everything to connect…
She made me feel disgusting. She used to watch me eating a pizza, a doughnut…whatever…and ask if I was really going to eat that.
When I was nine, she stopped appearing in public with me. My mother tried to get her out with us, but my dad always took her side.
Look at him! Do you blame her? he’d ask in hushed tones. It was my mother who always stood up for me, or rather excused me.
He can’t help it if it’s in his genes! My family is naturally big boned!

It was weird to have people arguing about you like you’re not even there. I guess it didn’t matter, Tess always got her way.

The End

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