Hiding Secrets


I’ve always been pretty proud that no one has found out about my, shall we say, special eating habits. Since Mom works the night shift at the Quick and Stop, I’m in charge of getting everyone out of the house in the morning. And in between clothing a toddler and making sandwiches for the other two, no one notices that I skip breakfast. If anyone asks, I say I ate a breakfast bar on the way to school. Not that anyone ever asks.

At school it’s a bit more difficult, but I enjoy the challenge. At lunch I simply say that I ate a huge breakfast like always and play around with a bag of chips or something. Since most guys eat like pigs, I just wait until they’ve finished the bag off for me. Problem solved. And since I work from 5 to 9, dinner isn’t a problem either.

No one knows, and no one will know. The only place where I can actually talk about this is in chatrooms or forums, with people I don’t know. But I honeslty feel closer to some of those people than to my own friends. They understand.

The End

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