Bones And ShadowsMature

His life is in my hands. MY HANDS. Can you believe that? I can't. He's screwed.

December 20, 2012 10:59 A.M

I walked down the side of the highway slowly, watching in absolute boredom as people in cars sped past me, faster than the law actually allowed. Of course, it just so happened to be the day before the legendary apocolypse that was fabled to wipe out the human race. So, it was natural for everyone to be freaking out and trying to figure out how they were going to survive it and all that jazz.

I seemed to be one of the only people in the state of Oregon not freaking out and giving birth to llamas. Seriously.

As I was saying before, I was walking down the side of the highway, perfectly content, watching cars speed by as they tried to stock up and food because they all thought that the apocolypse would happen and they would be the only survivors, forced to do the naughty for humanities sake. Needless to say, I was laughing at a lot of people that day.

Now before I continue, let me say something you're probably going to find very strange and alarming: I know exactly how the world may or may not end. Believe it or not, it does have to do with tomorrow, December 21, but it doesn't have to do with natural disasters.

It has to do with the Shadow World.

Yes, I know, I've probably just completley lost you for every bit of sense I'm not making. For the sake of cheetos, though, let me fill you in. The Shadow World is a world located outside our own, but right under our noses at the same time. They will come, exactly at midnight, and proceed to destroy the world and eradicate the human race so they can rule. Fairly egotistical of them, but smart all the same. Humans are just too stupid to be populating this whole entire earth, not beliving in magic or anything of the like. Really, I'm sick and tired of all you human pansies.

If you haven't guessed it already, I'm not human. As a matter of fact, I just so happen to be a Shadow Worlder. However, I'm one of the ones against eradicating the human race despite my apparent dislike of them. My anit-eradication attidude just so happens to be the reason I'm labled as a traitor and part of a resistance group--one of the only against our fellow Shadow Worlders plans. All in all, there's only a handful of us against it.

...That handful amounts to four girls in high school and a fifty year old man, all of us located in Oregon: One of the most boring places on earth, in one of the most boring towns on earth. No, we don't live in Boring, Oregon. We just so happen to live in Huband, Oregon. Only an hour away from Boring.

Pretty fearsome force, right? I know, I know, nothing to fear at all, especially against the thousands of Shadow Worlders who will come through the gates at midnight and be done with all the dirty work by Sunday. Of course, I wouldn't be dead. Nope, they would spare me and lock me up in prison.

I think I would much rather die.

Anyways, back to my prior point. It just so happens to be me and my three ex best friends who actually stand any chance against the invading Shadow Worlders. Am I going to fight to help save your pathetic existance?

I might. I might not. It all just depends on how I feel. If you've pissed me off, I'm not saving you. If you love me, I'll think about it. If I've never met you, there's no way in Hell that I'm going to be saving your sorry little butt when the werewolves, witches, shapeshifters, and vampires try to kill you.

I just so happened to be passing by the weigh station when my troubles began. For starters, I was nearly hit by a car. Then, the person got out to apologize after I barely dodged it and they drove into a ditch. Sadly, I knew who nearly hit me with their car. They, however, didn't know me.

Ian hadn't changed much in the two years I hand't seen him: still thin and wirey with raven colored hair hanging into his silver colored eyes. The only thing noticabley different about him was the fact he didn't carry himself with as much arrogance as he used to.

"I'm really sorry about almost hitting you," he apologized immediatly when he got close to me. His voice wasn't all that hard to hear over the buzz of speeding cars.

I absent mindely waved a hand, dismissing the apology as I continued walking. The Ian I knew when I was freshman wasn't as nice as this: the Ian I knew when I was freshmeat was an absolute and total asshole. "No need to be sorry." I walked past him, not even bothering to cast a glance over my shoulder. "I mean, we're all going to die anyways, Ian. Why couldn't you have killed me with your car?" I shouted.

I kept on walking, but I heard footsteps behind me. "What?" the raven haired male in his early twenties asked, bewildered.

"Hmmm...coulda sworn you would have heard me. I said 'why couldn't you have killed me with your car'."

"No, no. I heard that part. But what did you say before that?" Suprisingly enough, he seemed to be able to keep pace with my long legged stride.

"I said we're all going to die anyways, Ian." Really: sometimes, he could just be such an idiot. I'd known this even as a freshman, that much was apparent to me other than the fact he was an ass.

"How..." Obviously, the twenty two year old was confused.

"Do I know your name?" I finished for him. "I was a freshman when you graduated: we had a class together, and you always messed with my groups product."


"Oh, you don't remember sabotaging our key lime pie? How about when you put soap in our milk that we then put into our cookie dough? Or how about that time you purposely ran into Jake, causing him to drop ice cream down the back of my shirt?" I wasn't resentful of the things that he had done. As a matter of fact, those were just to jog his memory and see if he remembered me. He probably didn't, but it was worth a shot.

"Oh're not going to have that busty red head hit me, are you? I heard she hits hard."

Wow. Score one for Ian, zero for Danika. "We're not friends anymore. We don't even talk."

"Oh....Darean, right?" Obviously, he only had a slight recollection of me.

"It's Danika." I glance at the highway: there were hardly any cars speeding at the moment. "Tell you what: I gotta go. Have a nice death."

With that, I darted across the highway, doing a cartwheel as I did so just to be a showoff. I had only learned how to do a cartwheel last week, so I was a little shakey, but I didn't get hit by a car.

December 20, 2012 11:52 P.M

I sat in the convenient store parking lot, up on the side walk eating an ice cream sandwhich. I wasn't worried about the impending doom coming less than eight minutes--I mean, I had an ice cream sandwhich!

Now, I know most people wouldn't be up this late, but I suffer from insomnia. As a matter of fact, I've given up on sleep since I was fourteen. To me, sleep is insufferably stupid and a waste of time. Yes, I know the body needs sleep, but I seem to be able to run pretty good without it.

I glanced over to my right as I heard foot steps on the concrete sidewalk. I recognized who it was when a sliver of light illuminated their fair features.

You know what? I'm pretty sure the world is out to get me.

"Don't try and hit me with your car again," I joked mildly as I swallowed the last of my ice cream sandwhich. Ian snorted, knowing I was just kidding. Obviously, the arrogance was back slightly.

"Shouldn't you be spending time with your family since it's the eve of the end of the world?" I rolled my eyes and patted the curb beside me, signaling that he should sit down. He did, suprisingly enough.

"No, actually. They all hate me, especially considering I told them something they really didn't want to hear this morning." Ian didn't pry: that was something I liked about him. He never pried about anything, even if it seemed to upset someone a lot. It was almost like he was oblivious to it. "Of course, this raises the question of why you aren't with your mother."

"I didn't feel like being there as she sobbed about her life ending." I glanced down at my watch as he said this.

"Did you know that there's only three minutes until the apocolypse begins and the Gates open up?" I was certain Ian wouldn't know what I was talking about. No one would, considering they were outsiders; humans.

"Wow," was all he said. It was like he didn't belive in this whole apocolypse mumbo jumbo. A few seconds ticked by in silence. "So how do you think it's all going to end?"

I laughed dryly. He seemed to be one of the only people who didn't realize there was something inhuman about me; something wild and untamed; something unnatural.

"Think?" I scoffed. "Please: I know how it's going to end." As I finished my sentence the timer on my watch went off.

It was midnight, and the gates were opening.

The end of the world was beginning.

It was December 21, 2012.

The End

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