A sudden surprise in an unnamed crypt becomes fatal in seconds....

Stalking through crypts unnamed

under my feet lie the dead and maimed

blood secretes from the walls of caverns

no one knows how this tyranny happens

Snap! snap! snap! as the bones all break

every step becomes a mistake.

Crunching the oldest remains of the dead

all these thoughts flying through my head

the stench remains potent as i advance

still carrying on as if in a trance

it's like poison gas surrounding me

my throat reacts and starts to bleed.

Shock, horror! As the very floor awakes

i'm completely useless, aware of the stakes

seeing that if i move on, i will also die

and slowly my throat begins to bleed dry

skeletons surround me from every angle

but they are all so twisted and mangled...

The darkness surrounds the whole damn room

as time slowly advances to my doom

my lifetimer has nearly run out of sand

and so this i know is my final stand

as a sudden black light perpetuates hope

The End

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