Concentrating Candy Corn

      The day went by pretty fast, I didn't feel like doing homework. It seemed completely pointless ot me. Why do we even have homework? It should be called busy work instead. My mommy hates busy work, but she still tells me do my homework because it's necessary. But, what's the point when I'm done, I just turn it in and the teacher recycles or throws it away? Isn't that a waste of lead?

      "Rika." I hear Mommy call me, the tone wasn't as severe as it always was. Maybe because I sowed the button on her dress, although I used one of my navy blue shirt buttons instead of hers. "Your teacher wants another conference with me now, he just called and you're coming along. I won't stand to be there in embarrassment again, this time you'll feel how I feel."

      'You never feel how I feel though...' I thought to myself, but shook the thought away quickly. "Yes'm." I gave a small smile. She only rolled her eyes. The eye roll is on my top ten of things I hate. Especially an eye roll coming from my mother.

      We got in the car, and just for a change, I didn't wear my 'ugly' boots as my mother says and wore flip flops instead. I sit still and looked out the window to see Lisa, my best friend, outside her house giving me an apologetic look. A look of sympathy. I tossed her a glare saying, 'I don't need your sympathy.' She got my message, but gave me a reassuring smile. It was better than a sympathetic one.

      As we arrived towards the classroom, I sat down next to my mother, staring at my bare feet. It's not comfortable... They don't feel protected or safe, just letting the warm wind sweep my feet.

      "Hello Mr. Dimas," Mommy nudged me in the ribs and glared at me from the corner of her black eyes.

      "Good afternoon Mr. Dimas." I muttered.

      Mr. Dimas nodded, "Good afternoon Ms. Shoul, Rika." Mr. Dimas always had a calm peaceful aura. He never yelled at anyone like my second grade teacher used to. I failed a quiz and even accidentally disturbed the class and he just asked if I was alright, like Lisa does. Of course, I would always lie and say I was.

      "Alright, we're here. What did Rika do again this time? Did she fail another quiz or test?" Mommy had the annoyed sarcastic tone. I could tell Mr. Dimas was appauled.

      "Of course not!" He answered.

      "Huh?" We both said in unison, staring at him in shock. I did... something right for once? Mommy will be proud now! Right?

      Mr. Dimas has a fascinated glimmer in his eyes and smiled at me, "Although she has failed math tests, I can clearly see why. Rika is an extraordinarily intelligent and gifted child, Ms. Shoul. You should be proud."

      Mommy stared at him questioningly but then sighed, "I see, you're giving me an example of what you would say if Rika were actually smart. She's a complete clutz, hopele--"

      Mr. Dimas interrupted her. I was most shocked because he was always a patient man and would wait for others to speak first. None the less, he had a stern tone laced in his voice, "She is not. RIka," he smiled at me with a kind voice. "What is 2+10-4?" he asked.

      It was simple math, but I was still confused. "Um..." I could see my mother near a snort and scoff. I darted my eyes around the room, as if looking for any clues.

      "Just as I said. She's hopeless." I winced as Mommy called me that. Am I really all that hopeless?

      Mr. Dimas ignored Mommy but still stared at me, "Now Rika, I have 2 apple trees, 3 orange trees, 5 lemon trees, 2 rose bushes, and a cherry tree, but I decided to chop down 3 lemon trees, and an orange tree. How many trees do I have now?"

      This was easier for me. I perked up and answered, "You have 7 trees leftover because roses don't grow on trees!"

      Mommy stared at me, not in amazement like I thought she would, but instead of disapproval, "She can solve word problems as easily as simple equations. She's just as troublesome." she sighed.

      Mr. Dimas sighed, "She's a rare case. It's not just word problems Ms. Shoul. She needs to find a reason why to solve a simple equation." he wrote down a simple problem: 10+7. "To her, this is pointless." He wrote another problem in word form but detailed it. "This, has a reason and point to it. It's the same thing, but this is just more meaningful to her."

      She just sighed, rubbing her temples, "She'll be even more trouble now. It won't surprise me if you change her to another math teacher if she is too much work or trouble."

      He looked appauled once again and shook his head, "Heavens no! Rika is one of my valueable students, when I was younger, I had the same problem and now I teacher middle school math." he grinned at me. The smile was always so sweet and caring. Teachers should all be like him. He understands me like Lisa does, not Mommy.

      Maybe I should run away and stay with Mr. Dimas as my Daddy! Unexpectedly, he gave me a small bag full of orange, yellow, and white patterned candy corn. "Although Halloween is still far away, I thought it might help you concentrate in class. The principal doesn't allow gum in class which helps many students like you concentrate, so why not candy corn?"

      My eyes seemed to twinkle and I thanked him many times over while my mother just rolled her eyes again and dragged me out.

The End

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