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Lisa Brandon is not whom you expect her to be. She has a terrifying past, which will amaze you all. She goes to Forks High, only to cross lines with the Cullens. Later, she finds out that she is related to them in a way!!! The Cullens decide to change her into a vampire but the Quileute treaty crosses their path. And this path leads to an imprinting history, which turns into a love story between Lisa and a certain wolf... Read to find out!

Our worlds' may keep us away... But destiny doesn't.....


                Part One


                                Lisa's POV

I hate this! I hate it when everyone looks at me like that! Today was my first day at Forks High and the beginning is very bad!

"seriously? Look at that girl"

"well, she's pretty"

"mmh, she's the new toy"

I heard all these audible murmurs flying around the hall I was walking in. I was blushing so hard!

"Lisa Brandon?" I heard a voice behind me. I turned around to see an old lady in her late forties staring at me with curiosity "um, yes" I said.

"I'm Mrs. Tennes.... Welcome to Forks High. I suppose that you might want to collect your schedule?" She asked me.

"uh yeah sure" I said nervously and bit my lower lip. I followed her to her office. She was a kind lady.

She cleared her throat while handing me the schedule "Are you related to the Cullens by any chance?" She asked me awkwardly. Who are the Cullens anyway?

I decided to use my power to know the truth behind her action. The power that is naturally found in me. I never know why. Weird, I know.

Truth: Cullens are the weird pale ones. Mrs. Tennes doubts that Lisa belongs to the rich and the popular Cullens.

Oh! I have not heard about them a lot. I have just now moved from somewhere in Mississippi. Don't get me wrong. I lost my parents when I was young. My father died in a car accident when mom was pregnant and my mom died giving birth to me. I never knew what happened to me after that. And then I was found and adopted by a lady named Dehlia. The person I live with now.

"No" I said simply. "ok, have a good time in Forks High" She said. I nodded and walked out of the hall.

"Oh my god! Are you Lisa? I'm Amy!" An unknown girl with straight brown hair and blue eyes exclaimed and let her hand out for me to shake it. I looked at her as if she was crazy. Why is she so excited to welcome me anyway? I used my power again.

Truth: Amy's intentions are to hang out with the Cullens so that she will get popular. And so she thinks Lisa is one among them.

Oh, come on! How many of them can think of me as a Cullen? I haven't even met them for God's sake! And getting popular in a school like Forks High, aren't my intentions at all!

Before I could say anything, she interrupted "You're one of the Cullens, right?" She asked me. God!

"um actually no" I said "I haven't even met them before"

She looked disappointed "Oh! I'm sorry... I thought you were one among them" She said sadly. It was almost sad for me to watch a hyper-active girl who just turned into a sad girl because of me "but anyway, I would like to introduce myself... and it seems like you don't even know the popular newcomers who just joined here yesterday" She said.

I was quickly interested in this girl. But not the Cullens.

"Yeah I guess I don't" I said uncaring "well, do you see a group of people over there? They are the Cullens. They were adopted by Dr. Carlisle" She said looking behind me. I carelessly looked behind me to see a group of eight gorgeous people standing near the entrance. Wow! I thought.

I saw three guys who looked slim and muscular. And the girls beside them were the most beautiful and gorgeous women I have ever seen. They looked like models! They possessed all the features of a sports magazine model! Such a cool family!

"Hot aren't they?" asked Amy. I raised my eyebrows at her "I meant the boys" She said in a ‘duh' tone.

"they're pretty" I complimented.

"Do you see a blonde guy over there? He's Jasper and that large brown haired hulk is Emmet. That bronze haired guy over there is Edward and---" She started explaining to me about the Cullens and what they do. I wasn't really paying attention to the conversation at all.

That was when I noticed that they were all looking back at me curiously with ...golden eyes? Now that is weird! I blushed and turned away to start talking with Amy.


The rest of the school went by so fast. My heart screamed in joy when the lunch bell rang. Thank god!

I sat with Amy during lunch. She was not a very bad company to have. I think I can initially call her as my friend.

"Amy, stop staring at them. They'll think that you are weird" I warned her. She quickly turned her attention from the Cullens to her plate,

"Excuse me?" We both heard a voice behind our table. I turned around to see the Cullen girl (I am guessing) Alice with the short spiky black hair.

"Yeah?" I asked her.

"Well, I and my family just wanted to know whether you could join us for lunch as we are new to this school.... Your friend can come too" She said looking at both of us with a hopeful face. Amy looked very interested. But I wasn't. I noticed that everybody in the hall was looking at us, including the Cullens who sat across our table.

"Um, I'm sorry. It's not that I need some help in this school. I'm fine thanks" I said, realizing that I was rude. But I tried to ignore the Cullens as much as I can. I didn't want everyone to start gossiping about me being with the Cullens. I wanted everyone to like me for me.

Alice's face fell slightly, but she disguised it with a bright smile "It's okay" She said and walked towards her table. Amy pinched me "Owch!"

"Were you insane? Why did you miss such an opportunity like that? You must feel like you're one in a million to get a chance to at least talk with them!" She yelled lowly.

"I just don't want to" I snapped and went on eating my burger. Amy just stared at me with her mouth open and didn't say anything.

After that, the Cullens never even looked at my direction. They acted as if I was not there which made me feel guilty for what I've done. But that was helpful in a way.

I sat under a tree at the entrance of Forks High and started drawing some mystical creatures. Vampires and werewolves were not really my thing but I still liked to draw them as they were mysterious.

"You can draw" I heard a sweet voice-like-bells behind the tree. I quickly turned back and recognized who it was, Alice.

I blushed and replied "Yeah, but they're not really good..." I said. She sat next to me. Alice was the only one who wasn't ignoring me like the rest of the Cullens. She seemed friendly.

She widened her eyes "Vampires, huh?" She asked me showing my drawing to me "Looks great anyway" She complimented.

"Thanks" I said back. She suddenly dropped my drawing and stiffened. I raised my eyebrows. After a while, she then calmed down and glanced at me. Her eyes were filled with fear and curiousity. Awkward.

"You... okay?" I asked. She sighed "I'm fine"

"Alice!" called the blonde haired guy, Jasper. His eyebrows were lifted up and he looked scary. Woah! Maybe he didn't like me spending my time with his sister...

"Coming!' She yelled to him "See you later" She said to me and ran off. Okay, now that is weird...

Ms. Dehlia didn't come to pick me up... She probably must be at work. So I decided to walk.

It started raining heavily. I knew that I was probably going to reach home later than usual. And Dehlia would throw a fit. But I couldn't even see what was out there because of the massive rain. So I headed towards the forest to reach home even faster.

I stood under a tree to protect myself but I was still wet. Suddenly, I felt the air change around me. I looked around and found no one. I felt scared.  I wrapped my arms around my chest and tried to protect myself from the cold.

I swear that I saw a man wearing a black jacket walking towards me. My heart was beating faster.

"Lisa... Brandon I see" I saw a pale white man with bloodshot red eyes staring at me. I was breathing heavily. This man was... scary. Who is he?

"Y-Yes" I stuttered.

He smirked widely as he inched closer towards me "Well Lisa... Let me make this straight" He started "I have come here for... revenge" He whispered in my ears.

Revenge? What? I stared back at him blankly and silently used my power.

Truth: Revenge for killing his mate.

For killing his mate? I gasped. I have never ever killed anyone. I have never even seen this kind of a truth. And I had no idea why...

"Are you ready, dear?" He asked me and placed his feather-light cold pale hands on my cheek. I didn't know if it was because of the rain. He was unbelievably cold!

"W-what?" I blurted out scared. My heart was beating faster. Am I going to die?

"Stay away from her, Eustace!" I heard a cold voice threaten. I slowly turned my head to see Edward Cullen standing in the pouring rain. He barred his teeth and his fists were clenched. Woah!

"Come on, Lisa... Let's go" Alice was suddenly beside me. I didn't know how to move until Alice led me the way. The rest of the siblings surrounded the stranger, Eustace. What was going on? Why were they all looking as if they were going to kill each other?

"Where are you taking me?" I demanded Alice. She kept quiet. This was frustrating! What is going on again?

"She isn't related to us by any chance and you know it, Eustace" I heard the faint voice of Edward talking to Eustace, behind me.

"Let go of me Alice!" I hissed. She never let go of my hand.

"The Brandons killed my mate, Paris. And Lisa's one among them. She is related with Alice!" He shouted coldly. His voice would have made many humans flinch and I flinched too, in spite of Alice's hold on me.

I stopped. I am related to Alice? Alice let go my hand and I turned back to look at the Cullens' who were standing still. Eustace turned to me.

"Remember Lisa... There'll be a day when you'll die like the rest of your family. There'll be revenge" He warned with the same fierce tone. He glared at me and the Cullens for a long time and walked away from our view.

"What?...." I trailed off "What is going on? Who is he and what am I to him?" I demanded the Cullens.

"Lisa, we'll explain" Said Alice.

"What are you all?" I asked them. Alice tried to shush me but I yelled "What are you!"

"She has to know" Jasper announced "She has the right to know"

Alice turned to me and sighed.

And I waited.... 

"We're vampires" She declared. 

                                                                                         TO BE CONTINUED......



The End

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