An extract from my story

Author's Note: Hello Everyone! I am currently writing a fantasy story called 'Bonded'. It's of my own creation but it's hard for me write because I've decided to try something new and have silly stuff like Princesses and whatnot. For my friends, yes one of the characters is named after my Best Friend and she already knows (:D). Anyway this is an extract from the fifth chapter so it might not make much sense but I hope you like it!

Bad News.

"What the hell happened here?" I demanded of no one. My brother's apartment was a mess. It was obvious there had been a fight of some sort. All the scents here I recognized. One filled me with familiarity, one with relief, one with exasperation and one with outright fear and dread. The familiarity was Jason's scent, my brother, the relief was my lady's, Princess Tammy, the exasperation was Alison's, my brother's Betrothed and the final one... I shuddered. Darkness's forces had been here. Together, the entire concoction of emotions ended up with the result of utter curiosity. What had happened? There was no trace of death in the air. Had Darkness taken prisoners? Then I got the lingering sense of a portal having been opened recently. I knew what I had to do.

The End

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