Chapter VI

Anxiously, Lydia stood in front of the white x-ray screen that had three different x-rays clipped to it next to Dr. McCarthy and the x-ray specialist. On each of the x-rays (all from different angles) even the least experienced person could tell that something was amiss. There was a small white block right where her heart was.

"You're positive you don't have any, um, piercings?" Dr. McCarthy asked awkwardly.


"So, you don't know what that is."

"Well... I think I need to tell you something," Lydia nervously told both doctors the unabridged, real story, emphasizing the points that made the story more than a dream.

"Lydia..." Dr. McCarthy shook his head and looked sideways at the x-rays. "I would like to perform surgery on you. Is that okay?"

Lydia sighed and rubbed the back of her neck. She knew there was only one word she would, and could say. "Yeah."

"Good," Dr. McCarthy picked up his clipboard and began walking grimly to the door. "Let's go fill out the necessary paperwork."

The End

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