Chapter IV

"Please go into that room, remove all jewelry, and change into this gown please," the x-ray specialist handed Lydia one of those things that you wear in a hospital that has a draft in the hindquarters, and pointed over to a door across the room.

Reluctantly, she did as told, and changed into the nasty gown. She took off her necklace and bracelet.

Feeling the sting of cold metal on her bare feet, she walked awkwardly out into the room. "Step behind this screen," the specialist gestured at the x-ray screen and went into a door. She appeared again behind a dark window.

The process was long and boring, but finally they took all the x-rays necessary. After, she went back to change into her normal clothes, holding her gown closed on the way back. Before she left the room, the specialist met her by the door. "Come back in about an hour. Then we'll be able to print them out and look at them before you return," she told Lydia.

Lydia nodded and left, turning right and walking down the grey carpet hall to the door that led to the waiting room. She exited the building and got into her Volkswagen Jetta. What the heck was she going to do for this long hour that determined if she was crazy? If she was going to die?

The End

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