Chapter III

Lydia sat on the examination table in Doctor McCarthy's office. Smoothing out the story she was going to tell the doctor, she waited for him to arrive.

When he entered he glanced at his clipboard. "Well, Lydia, it looks like you're not due for another appointment for a while. What brings you here today?"

Lydia knew she couldn't tell him about the monster, whether it happened or not. "Can I have an x-ray?" she stuttered nervously. "I, uh, fell really hard a few days ago and it still hurts. I wanna make sure I didn't break a rib or anything."

"If you insist," Doctor McCarthy put down the clipboard and stood next to her. "Where does it hurt?"

"Near my chest," she motioned around the area where the scar should've been.

"Well, if you fractured a riv you'd find it pretty hard to breathe. Are you sure you broke something?" he applied pressure around the area with his thumb.

Lydia faked a wince of pain, which he seemed to believe to be real. "Can I just have an x-ray? Please?" she begged.

"Well," he sighed, then grabbed his clipboard and opened the door that led into the hallway. "I guess so. Come on, follow me to the x-ray room."

The End

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