Chapter II

Sunlight entered Lydia's room through the blinds on her window and appeared in slanted lines on the ceiling. Just waking up, Lydia sat up in bed.

What in the world wide web just happened last night?

The incident came back in bits and pieces. She darted her eyes to the desk.

It was gone.

Then she glanced down at her chest. Her clothes were fully intact without evidence of stitches. She rolled out of bed, went to here mirror, and examined herself for cuts, scars, scrapes, anything to prove she wasn't insane. No marks whatsoever.

The only thing that ensured that she wasn't dreaming last night was the absent desk. Now, three questions were highly potent in her mind.

What was that thing that attacked her last night?

Where was it now?

What was it planning on doing next?

Putting her shirt back on, she considered going to her doctor. I need to tell someone about this! She said in her head. But if I did, then someone in white would shove me in a straight jacket and drop me in a nice spongy room. But what if the monster thing took an organ?

Even though it went against all her sane thoughts, she resolved to go to her doctor as soon as possible, no matter what the consequence may be.

The End

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