Join 25-year-old Lydia Evans on a thrilling chase after a monster who wants to induce havoc on Earth... Read the story to hear more...

This is a story I previously wrote in a notebook, and I decided to share it on here.

Dedicated to: Lydia Grillo

I used your name in the story! Oh boy!


Lydia relaxed in her bed and watched television. She suspiciously eyed her desk now and then.

She had lately received that desk from a relative. They were storing it in their attic for years, and they decided to give it to her. Sure, it was a nice gesture but...

Jeez, when she had her back to that desk, she felt like she was being watched. She hated it, but she couldn't get rid of it because the relatives that gave her it came over sometimes. What would she say when it was nowhere to be seen?

Loosen up. She told herself. You're paranoid. As she watched television, she slightly managed to forget about it.

After fifteen minutes, there was an odd clicking noise from under the desk. Then, a white blur zipped out from under it and onto...


It was pale, with goopy white skin. Its feet and hands had three fingers each with long dagger-nails at the tips. Its mouth was just a slit in its round, pale face, without lips. But the worst were the eyes, red as blood and highly contrasting to its pasty skin. There were no pupils or irises. Just red, slanted ovals - that never blinked.

The moment it landed on her she felt its front claw rip down the center of her chest.

Lydia at first thought, with mild confusion, that it was ripping her shirt off. But when she felt the pain, the feeling of skin and bone and muscles being ripped and shoved aside, she realized it wasn't.

When she glanced away from the monster and at her chest, which was gushing blood out onto her bedsheets and making her white t-shirt dark red, she fainted.

The End

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