Chapter Seven

Roxas stared at the dark portal, unsure of what to make of it. He knew, somehow, that he didn’t have the ability to conjure such gateways. He knew that only the Nobodies of the Organization could make them manifest. But he also knew that there was nothing for him here in Wonderland. Not now, anyways.

“So, where do I go from here?” he whispered.

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” a familiar voice called from behind him. This time, though, Roxas didn’t summon his keyblades.

Instead, he simply turned to the smile floating amid the branches.

“You again,” he mumbled. “It doesn’t matter where I go –”

“Then the door you take doesn’t matter,” interrupted the Cheshire Cat, now fully formed around its grin.

“– as long as I get somewhere,” Roxas finished.

 “Oh, you’re sure to do that,” said the Cat, “if you only walk long enough.”

With a slow turn, the dark portal re-entered Roxas’ field of vision, the black and purple flames licking at each other soundlessly. Purple, like the stripes on that odd cat that was behind…

“Where’d he go?”

Roxas spun in a quick circle, but couldn’t find the cat among the branches. It had vanished, along with the crescent grin, back into the madness that was Wonderland.

“Best to leave, or else I’m gonna go mad, too.”

As Roxas stepped through the dark portal, he thought, But who’s saying I’m not already?



The whole world around him was green. Saturated in green. Almost black in its greenness. That was how lush the world was he stepped into.

It was another forest, almost the same as in Wonderland but for the lack of, well, wonder.

A quick look around uncovered nothing peculiar, nothing threatening: just trees, shrubs, grasses, and all the rest that is usually in a forest.

Except creatures.

Roxas couldn’t hear a single sound. In addition to the green surrounding him, he was awash in silence.

Venturing a few steps through the mossy ground, Roxas left a trail of footprints with his heavy boots. Even without a heart he felt unease, like he was intruding upon something he wasn’t meant to.

Is this just another of Saïx’s missions?

If it was, Roxas couldn’t think of any objective. There was no target he could see, no area of interest to do reconnaissance on. Nothing.

Just green silence.

Green tress. Silent trees.


Roxas zeroed in on the sudden sound, eyes focused and Oblivion drawn.

Not green, and not silent.

On a rotting log sat a small white figure, the source of the clicking sound. It had only three black dots mimicking a face, its head a large and odd shape atop its small body.

Roxas thought of all the Nobodies he had seen before. The all too common Dusks, the Dancers that followed Demyx, the Samurai that he alone could summon. Nothing that looked like this.


The thing’s head spun as it clicked. Leaping backwards at the sound, Roxas brought Oathkeeper into his grasp alongside Oblivion, as more of the creatures faded into sight, each one clicking and quivering and staring at him with its hollow face.

“What are you?” Roxas yelled at the supposed Nobodies.

The clicking stopped. They had no answer. Their only response was to fade away, though to Roxas they seemed to fade into the trees they sat on.

With his keyblades drawn, Roxas was left in silence again.

Green silence.

Green trees. Silent trees.

The End

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