Chapter Six

He was alone again, and with a strange sort of satisfaction to himself Roxas could admit that he was almost always alone; and just sometimes he preferred it that way.

Well, now that his fellow Organization members had left, there should be no further danger to walking alone in Wonderland. With a bare minimum of effort, Roxas banished Oblivion from his hand. He took a step forward, thinking. It really had seemed like Demyx and Axel, for now at least, were sincere in their offer to give him some space. Another heartbeat later, Roxas let Oathkeeper disappear as well. Silence pervaded the surreal mushroom forest around him in relief, as if in response to his action.

As he walked along, Roxas decided he could focus on two things for this moment: one, the Organization wanted him back, to defeat Sora and therefore help capture Kingdom Hearts. The chore was what they’d always wanted from him. It was the only thing they had ever wanted from him; in their appraisal, it was the only thing he could do. He may have bought himself some time through his “negotiation”, but despite his apparent worth soon their soft words would become more violent forms of persuasion. Secondly, there was still the fact – the most important fact to him – that he had been “defeated” and was now trapped in a dream.

Who was his dreamer?

Just how much control did they have over his life?

What could he do or not do?

Growing bored of his surroundings, Roxas tried to think of another place – any place – that he would rather be. Every few steps he attempted to summon a corridor of darkness out of this world, and his efforts were in vain.

It was obvious that this was one of the things he could not do.

In fact, the only thing he could do was control the Keyblade, and that’s what set him apart.

Generating more questions, Roxas thought,

If he's in a dream, could he escape?

Would he die once more as soon as he left the dream?

More to the point, was this actually a dream as he thought the definition of a “dream” to be, or was this something else entirely?

He didn’t know where the words came from, but a revelation dawned upon him that this world was connected. This had to be a world in which memory and reality were connected. So he'd work with the premise that he could escape this dream-Wonderland, at least, and he'd figure things out from there.

Paradoxically, what if this was a dream? Dreamers could still dream of themselves. If his dreamer was Sora, or any other of his companions with the knowledge to dream this dream, that didn't mean they didn't also have a counterpart of themselves here. He could meet them. Ask them questions. In an afterthought, Roxas reflected, maybe no one else knew this was a dream either.

He should just regard this as a second chance at life. This time around, he could make out his life to be whatever he wanted it to be. He didn’t have to be bound by the restraints of the Organization. In fact, at this point he thought he’d say “No” to Demyx the next time he saw him. He had no reason to act on behalf of Darkness, and neither did he have to be an agent of Light.

Head smarting from all the philosophy, Roxas raised his gaze from the ground to hear a popping sound usually associated with plugged ears after swimming. In a second, it was as if all sound had just returned to an inferior world. He looked around to see what had changed.

There was a faint hiss of air disappearing into an abyss, and he noticed suddenly a dark door stood ahead of him.

Was it his?

The End

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