Chapter Four

Roxas shook his head quickly, putting the brakes on an automatic impulse to say “yes” to Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne, no. 9 and therefore his superior. If he was to give Demyx an answer, he would have to think it through, and then it would be his own reply. He must not let the remnants of Sora – or his lingering memories of the time he’d spent in the Organization before – affect his decision making. But was the Roxas of Twilight Town “him” anymore than the others? What did he really want for himself anyways?


“You said that only if all thirteen of us join together will we ever beat Sora,” he said slowly, buying some time.


“You got that right,” Demyx replied affably. He was loosening up. The Dancers continued to dance languorously behind him, in an almost pleasing manner.


“That means that Xemnas and the others are somewhere in this…dream, too, then?”


“Are you so sure that this is a dream? Who’d be crazy enough to dream of us?”


“But,” he paused. “Sora defeated us. So we should be dead. If we’re…undead, for whatever reason, then no miracle would land us back in the real world. This must be a dream.”


Demyx shrugged. “I don’t suppose they care whether we take over a whole universe of dream worlds, or all the worlds in reality. Whoever is knowledgeable enough to know of Wonderland-” he gestured “And us-” again, he gestured “Will inevitably dream of Kingdom Hearts, and that’s what satisfies Xemnas.”


Roxas felt a brief sensation of pity towards their leader. Thwarted once, he wouldn’t learn from his mistakes. Roxas had never cared to know the secrets of Kingdom Hearts – which would supposedly grant them all hearts – he had just fought for the fun of it. And I had friends. After that, he had wanted to discover the reason he wielded the Keyblade, and not any of the others. And I met friends.


“I never really got along with the others, you know,” Roxas said, letting a bit of reluctance creep into his voice. “Vexen, Zexion, Larxene-” Roxas scoffed. “I never liked her, actually. I’m not sure I’d want to come back…to the Organization.” Demyx hadn’t actually voiced his offer that way, but that was what it amounted to. Roxas would have to step back in line and take orders.


“They thought you might say that.” Demyx, if anything, sounded disappointed. He’d always been too nice for his own good. Roxas hadn’t particularly liked Demyx, but at the same time, there hadn’t really been a reason for him not to.


“Now, I said, why not bring along someone who’s more likely to convince him? ‘I could be the backup plan,’ I said. I knew you’d need me, Demyx.” A familiar voice assaulted Roxas’ ears. “Aren’t you glad to see me Roxas?”

The End

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