The trunk burned steadily as Gary and Felix went over the nightmare that they had lived through thirteen years ago. Gary sat on a rock  and Felix made himself comfortable on a clump of grass nearby.

"We should have at least let someone know where the poor guy was. It took two days for the searchers to find him. Everybody assumed that the huge Muskie pulled him overboard and he drowned. He was still clutching his fishing pole with the fish on the end of it when they found him." Gary remarked thoughtfully as he watched the fire.

"If you hadn't panicked and trapped the thing inside the tent, we could have used him to do stuff for us all these years. I wish I still had him to do my bidding."

"Maybe, but at what expense? You know that whatever we wished for someone else would pay for ... with their lives."

"We don't know that for sure Gary. If we were specific enough, we could get around that. I just wish you hadn't  pulled the tent down on it and smashed it repeatedly with a rock."

As the spoke they turned away from the fire, so they didn't notice that the smoke had taken on a sinister shape all its' own.

"It is as you bid master."


Both men screamed in horror as the evil thing from the trunk  floated over to Felix.

It was the very epitome of all the ugly, evil and greedy thoughts that its previous masters had instilled in it. It's shape changed as it moved. It was a rotting body with seaweed straggling from it one time, then it changed. It was a leprosy victim with boils and missing digits, blackened teeth that dripped blood, then it changed again to some shapeless  clump of something that reeked.

"You're dead, you're gone. Go away!! Felix yelled.

"I am BOLLYWOG. I cannot die. I merely slept because you made no further biddings of me."

"Well then, I wish you gone somewhere else, like the bottom of the ocean - forever."

"If you so desire, but  you did say earlier that you wish you still had me to do your bidding. That wish predates this wish. First come, first served."

"Hold that thought. I'll get back to you."

Felix turned around and looked for his friend. He wasn't there.

"Where is Gary?"

"He was very astute in assuming that every wish you make is paid for, by someone else."

The Bollywog nodded toward the trunk. It's still burning lid was wide open. Gary was crumpled up inside it. His head hung over the side. The gaping wound where his throat had been cut drip - dripped his life's blood onto the smoldering coals of his funeral pyre.

The End

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