Escape (part 1)Mature

“This’ll be the last time you sneak into a senior party when we told you not to come.”

“And there’s no way this time you’ll be able to escape, Derek’s gonna enjoy pounding the shit outta you this time.”

And then the door closed. Trapped.

“Never trapped.”

Spencer ran through the events of the past hour, trying to figure out how he would un-tie the ropes that attached him to the chair and escape from a basement that had no vent and no window.

Derek’s sunglasses. They were hidden in his shoes after having swiped them earlier during the party after noticing them among everything else. On the sides of the frames there were thin spikes of titanium spitting out from the sides. Designer.

He shifted his one-size-too-big trainers around his foot until he caught sight of one of the frames sticking out. He raised the shoe as close to his mouth as he could, twisting his leg at an angle so he could move it even closer. He bent forward and grabbed the sunglasses with his teeth, being careful in making sure that the left spike didn’t graze his cheek in the process.

He stopped. How had he managed to lean so far forward to reach the sunglasses? The ropes around his arms that tied him to the chair were loose, extremely loose. Jason never gets it right, he thought comically to himself. Shifting around a little more, he strained and pulled until he managed to lift the ropes around the back over the chair, so now his whole upper body was free to move.

First he used the spikes to cut the ropes around his arms and wrists, then bending over he did his ankles as well.

And just like that he was free.

“Not quite.” He whispered to himself. He glanced at his Rolex; it had taken him just three and a half minutes this time.

He stifled a laugh before turning back to his surroundings. He sifted through his memories of the last hour again, trying to find a way out other than the front door.


And then he remembered. The conversation he’d overheard between his father and the town councillor last spring break about the underground tunnels beneath all the pre-1950’s houses.

Derek’s house was one of them.

Getting up from the chair, he tapped his foot on every block of stone floor, forcefully, yet quiet enough not to attract the attention from upstairs. He wondered why the Boarder-school bullies hadn’t already come back yet to pound him. Weed, Spencer concluded, Derek was probably high on weed and had forced the others into joining him. I know this Academy too well, he mused.

Eventually he found a stone that sounded slightly different, there had to be air underneath this one. Quickly, Spencer brushed away all the dust and debris that covered the stone until he found a small iron ringlet, rusty yet sturdy.

With all his might he heaved and yanked the stone until eventually he felt it budge. He crouched again next to the now loose stone block to see a small gap. Using that, he gripped with his fingers and hauled the stone out of place, being careful to place the stone down carefully to avoid making any noise.

It was pitch black down there. Taking off his other trainer, Spencer grabbed his expensive touch-screen phone from inside and started the LED torch app, producing a bright light to illuminate the surroundings below.

He was a bit wary about using the wooden ladder that rested on the edge of a scraped-in line on the stone underneath, grimacing as it creaked when he placed his feet on them. Before he went too far down, he dragged the stone block back and quickly pulled back his fingers before the weighty stone block crushed them. He winced at the booming echo the noise produced underneath, hoping that the same noise hadn’t been made above ground.

Rushing down the ladder as fast he could, he ran into the closest tunnel that he could find. Eventually he stopped running, slumped onto the floor and just started laughing; laughing because of all the crazy mess he’d gotten into in the past few months, laughing at how the ‘extreme’ kidnapping holiday with his friends had started the process of him becoming a novice escape artist, laughing at how angry Derek would be to find out his punch bag was gone, laughing because he thought he was in the most ridiculous situation possible and because he was totally lost and totally alone.

But Spencer Finley was wrong.

The End

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