Sprint (part 2)Mature

“Driver, driver! Stop the car, pull over there! We need to follow that taxi.”

“I’m sorry, but strict company policy means that we can’t change route if it’s already been decided and money has changed hands. Trust me, I’d be fine with turning around, more money for me, but the black box installed in all our taxis records all our conversations and would notice if we changed route. When we get there we can start a new route, but for now I have to drive to where you originally told me.”

And that was it. Jaden sat there in amazement for a moment, then immediately after he pulled out his phone and began texting Sarah, Ella’s maid of honour. Before he could finish, he got a call from her.

“Sarah what’s going on?! I just saw Ella disappear in the opposite direction.”

“Where are you?”

“In a taxi, heading on my way here.” At that point she howled in fury.

“When you get here I’m gonna make sure you’re never able to pee properly again! Actually, Ben might do that for you.” Jaden was so confused, why was Sarah talking to him so harshly?

“Hey, it’s not like I don’t want to turn around, I’m literally not allowed to turn around, why haven’t one of you gone after her?”

“Of course you haven’t gone after her Jaden, you just want to make it look like you’re innocent, you bride stealing whore!”

“What?! I haven’t stolen her! I didn’t even know she’d run away!”

“Stop lying Jaden. She said herself that you told her this morning that you still love her and now she’s gone off to tell you that she still has feelings for you too.”

“She’s lost it!”

“Of course she’s lost it, no thanks to you!” she snapped back.

“But I… but I didn’t say anything! I never said anything of the kind!” All Jaden heard was a scream in response and the line ended.

Two minutes later, Jaden’s taxi arrived at the wedding venue. The pristine, stone chapel gleamed in the sunlight, decorative ribbons hung from every pillar, with balloons and flower bouquets strung across the venue.

When Jaden got out of the taxi he was greeted by a punch in the face.

“I trusted you. I thought you were my friend! My best friend! And out of all people in the world that she decided to sleep with ithadto be you! Thanks a lot.” Before Jaden could open his eyes and squint Ben spat on his face, before heading back to a comforting arm from his cousin.

Sarah reluctantly helped Jaden back up, who rubbed his head gingerly before wiping off the spit from his brow.

“Why is this happening to me?” He turned to Sarah. “What can I possibly do to convince everyone that I haven’t talked to her?” Sarah glowered at him while she thought.

“You can help me find her, and convince her that you’re not the one meant for her, and that Ben is who she deserves to be with, who she needs to be with.”

“Of course, anything.”

“Excuse me, can you show me to the toilets?” It was the taxi driver, Jaden wondered how long the mysterious looking man had been standing there for.

“Umm, can you drive us somewhere first? It’s extremely important.”

“Trust me, I need to go, if you show me the toilets, I’ll speed if that’s what it takes, I need to go.”

“Oh OK, I’ll be a second Sarah.” Jaden called while already walking off with the man and simultaneously rubbing his sore head.

When they got to the door of the men’s toilets, Jaden held the door open for the taxi driver. There was a cubicle right opposite the door.

The ‘taxi driver’ took his chance.

Out of nowhere the taxi driver grabbed Jaden and shoved him forcefully through the cubicle door, pieces of wood splintering everywhere. Jaden caught a short glimpse of the man’s eyes turning white, before he found himself being shoved down a toilet emitting brilliant white light.

The last thought he had before he was pushed into the Light Domain was how could my life get any worse?

It was about to get a whole lot worse.

The End

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