Sleepover part 1Mature

Beep beep, beep beep, beep, beep. As the electronic alarm clock persisted to ring, a groan stirred from under the covers, and all of a sudden a hand shot out from the abyss of fabric and flung the little ticker across the bedroom.

Melanie Ardy swung her legs over the left side she had slept on and sat up; rubbing her palm gingerly on her forehead, the remaining alcohol yet to be rid of swam to her head and set off another headache. Her long, brown spaghetti hair hung limply on one side of her head as she brushed her hand across her buzz cut on the other hand.

She stopped. She ran her hand over the right side of her head again.

It didn’t feel right.

She lugged herself off her double bed and stumbled over to her mirror five feet away. She bent her head down to see the damage. She groaned in despair at the sight of a dragon, shaved into the already short hair that covered her scalp. She touched it again just to check it was really there. She couldn’t help then letting a short gasp escape from her mouth.


Oh please please please no!

She spun around and saw what she had never expected to dread. Grady. One of her colleagues, one of her closest friends who assumedly had joined her and the rest of their colleague/friends during Harry’s 20th birthday last night. Grady had just got out from a long term relationship the week before after her girlfriend had dumped him. He must have come on to her while they were all stoned. Oh no! This was beyond wrong. That man was not meant to be her bed.

And then the images of last night back at her place began to swarm back into her mind. The way he accidentally fell over her, the way they had both looked at each other. Then in her bedroom they were ravaging each other’s clothes as they passionately kissed each other. Her hands moving down her body...

Urgh! Her headache pounded even harder this time. She had taken advantage of his emotional state just as much as he may have taken advantage of hers.

His watch beeped. As he stirred she glanced down at her own. Eight am. She was late. They were late.

She took a quick ten minute shower- remembering to take her clothes inside the bathroom with her before she closed the door. Once she was out she leant on the doorway, staring at the mess wrapped in her sheets. All she had left to do was dry her hair and the inevitable.

She got a shoe, aimed with her eye, and threw it right at Grady’s head. She got the desired response.

“Ow!” Instantly he turned over and sat up. His mouth dropped open when he saw that last night’s events weren’t just a dream and instinctively drew the covers over his chest.

“Get up. I’ll be in the kitchen while you get dressed. We’re leaving for work in five minutes. We’re late.” While Grady struggled to begin with any sentence she grabbed his clothes and chucked those at him too.

“If you don’t know what to say then just don’t say anything at all. When we get to the garage our excuse will be that I asked you to drive me instead of walking myself because I felt too hung over. And don’t bother covering up your chest. I’ve seen your whole frickin’ body anyway.” She immediately turned away and went into the kitchen until she was out of his sight before leaning against the countertop and sighing heavily. She was simply going to pretend that it was all his fault. It was best for them not to make a huge deal out of it, even if it was. And it was, a huge deal!

This was going to be a long day.

The End

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