Entrepreneur (part 1)Mature

The presenter's guest smiled (making sure to show of those pearly whites) and waved as she came out from behind the curtains and strutted her way over to the velvet-blue couch. The presenter (Olivia Tweas), who was in her 40's and renowned for being the most influential writer for romance novels and movies in Scotland, looked disapprovingly as her guest was trying to utilise the publicity to the max. Good thing the camera wasn't focused on her.

 A lot of the audience were alternating between clapping and wolf-whistling as her guest sat down and grinned into the camera. Paige O'Shailey had finally made it onto Britain's most popular talk show, 'The Love Club'.

Any A-list to Z-list celebrity who had a romance-related story or gossip to spill appeared on this show. It had weekly views of 22 million, basically, if you were a nobody who managed to get on this show, you would never be forgotten again. Well, until the next trend of course.

As she made herself comfortable on the couch and divided her profile between the presenter and the camera, the applauding finally died down. 

"So! Paige. How are you feeling today?" Translation: You'd better be grateful that you're on this show or we'll trash you.

"I'm great thanks. I'm so grateful to be on this show. Wonderful audience as well." One guy whooped from his seat (that's funny, wasn't this talk show aimed at women?), Paige grinned again.

"It's so great to see you to Paige. Now we all know why you're here today. Recently on the web your new dating site 'ConfessYourSecret.com' which has been getting more sign-ups in the first month than any other dating site in history. So would you tell us a bit about what it is for those that don't know?"

"Of course. ConfessYourSecret.com is a unique and dynamic way of meeting people online because the aim is to profess your biggest piece of baggage. For example if you've been married before, you've cheated on someone or maybe something bad has happened to you in the past... The point is, you put out as much as you want to on the table, and people thereby get the chance to know as much about you as possible before dating you. I know it sounds a bit different, but it gives people the chance to accept you for who you really are, and, of course know one likes it when your boyfriend drops a bombshell on you like he has a kid or something in the middle of your relationship!" Some of the audience members laughed.

Olivia Tweess put on her best fake smile; to be honest she couldn't care less, so long as it made good TV.

"Very interesting, I'm sure I wouldn't like it if my boyfriend told me he was with someone else either." The audience remained silent. Oops, over-shared a bit much now didn't you Olivia?

"Uhh, I don't think that's what I said-"

"Never mind. So, why did you start this website anyway? A break-up?"

"Well, a year ago. My boyfriend died." The audience gasped. Now their hearts were instantly hers.

"Why? What happened?" 

"Well, he was driving home from one of his interviews at a University, he wouldn't tell me which..."

"Why wouldn't he?"

"Because he wasn't. When he died. I was told his real name wasn't Danny, that he wasn't the student I'd thought I met when I first came to London on holiday. In fact he was the spy who worked for the Russian government last year who died on Tower Bridge." The audience gasped even louder.

"You mean the one who was seeking asylum from the UK government?"

"Yes. But the worst part for me was that he couldn't trust me with the truth. He was just using me to get away from his life in Russia. That's what drove me to make the website. Relationships shouldn't be about secrets. They should be about two people having similar interests and liking each other for everything they are. Not just for a pretty face." 

The audience broke into applause before the presenter even had a chance to reply. When the majority of women had finished their cheering and support, Olivia was finally able to talk.

"Wow. That is truly inspiring. I admit, I had my doubts, but now I am completely in support of your website. And I think everyone else should be too! Let's give Miss Paige O'Shailey another round of applause!"

The End

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