On the Other Side, the word UN stands for something entirely different. There, a team of eight men and women put their lives on the line to save the political figures who have the power to save Earth.
But they all die, and eight new Bodyguards are needed.
It all involves the Light Domain.
(Character List will be added later)

On the Other Side

Miss Pacey, President Weller's secretary struggled to help her boss up from the floor as she sat next to her husband, balling her eyes out. The blood was starting to flow more freely out of Mr. Weller's body as his wife clutched him tighter.

"Please! Mrs Weller get up! They're coming! I just know it, and if we stay here any longer, NAP will be here any moment!"

As if on cue, a platoon of soldiers in heavy gear with guns came bursting through the doors. They had come to finish off the assassination. Mr Weller was not their designated target, it was his wife.

Mrs Weller finally looked up. As they shouted at her to stand up and put her arms behind her head she said, "Do it."

Stephanie Pacey looked back. "I c-can't. The counter-force would kill me."

"I'm sorry Steph but you have to. You're the only remaining one left. They've already sent for a new batch anyway."

"Be quiet Ma'am!" One of the men bellowed. She ignored him.

"Please Stephanie. For the future of humanity." Stephanie nodded. She swallowed coercively. 

"Men, put your guns down before I do something I'll regret."

"Like what?" The man in charge spat back.

"Like this." Her eyes turned cloudy as the men in front of her froze.

As Stephanie Pacey swallowed her last breath and sank to the floor, the men unfroze. The look on each of their faces were all the same. Stark. They all followed suit to the ground one by one and died like she did.

At that precise moment on the other side, 42 boys and 1 girl were born.

The End

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