Is the world really going to end in the year 2012?

This question has been debatable amongst humans for quite some time, and now, as we draw nearer to the date that the Mayans predicted "the end," people are beginning to worry.

And oh, isn't it silly!

Going back to what I was saying before - about supposition - it seems it is what people seemingly do best. Suppose things, I mean. It's lazy and the easiest way out, therefore, it's inevitable that humans are going to do it.

Anyway - is the world really going to end in December? The answer is no!

(I said 2016, do you not remember?)

The Mayans ended their calendar on that day because they simply got bored! And tired. I mean, what a mundane task, that is. They didn't even have computers to type it out on! That would have been a lot faster, don't you think? Shame. Because now we have all you senseless people thinking things like this!

Everyone can be such pessimists sometimes. Assuming pessimists. Oh, no! A calender ended on this day. That must mean the world will end, even though we haven't foreseen anything that gives off any signs whatsoever about it ending! 

Not that I'm conceited, or closed minded, or anything. I just think humanity can be very idiotic sometimes. 

And, if you still think that we're all going to die, you're going to look very silly indeed when it doesn't. If it does (which I assure you it won't, but anyway) the people who believed it wasn't going to end won't be alive to be laughed at, and you won't be alive to laugh at them! 

The End

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