How doesn't the Universe work?

"I think therefore I am" is not the same as "I think therefore it is".  Some would ascertain that "belief is everything", and that the more people believe in something the more likely it is to be true.  This is a fallacy.  Some would say that the universe only exists because most people think it does.  Not true!  The fact is that the universe has very little to do with what people think at all.  The fact is: the universe has very little to do with people.  Just because I think my Bugatti is fully fuelled and virtually the sexiest piece of machinery in the universe, and just because I can convince other people that this is indeed true, does not make it fundamentally so.  In essence, the universe is a contrary mistress, fuelled by cocking-a-snook at our expectations.  Just try planning a garden party in the middle of seasonal dry spell and see what happens.

The End

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