Which religion is right?

What a fine question.  Which religion is right?  I suppose you're asking so that you can bank your eternal salvation without exclusive doubt.  Life must be extremely simple for someone such as you, assuming that by simply posing a question to quite likely the smartest man ever to grace your knowledge, you may be granted a response to mankind's biggest question, assuming you can maintain concentration long enough to read a simple paragraph.

Let me pose that in a different way to see if we can shed some divine light on this subject.  Why does God allow bad things to happen?

Oft uttered by weeping buffoons trying to make sense of a tragedy they are too grieved to rationalize, this question has Bob's eyebrow raised in such steep mockery that his cheeks become taunt like deer skinned tanned for ancient drums.

Surely, one has to ask, Why did God allow the drunk driver to kill Little Betsy?  Or how could God let little innocent children die of Cancer?  Or, amongst the more ego-inflated, "God must have been looking out for me.  He let me survive that plane crash".

Yes.  God should put an end to drunk driving!  Sure as hell, not us, we cry!  Coddleswap, man!  Why does God allow us to fill our natural foods with preservatives and pesticides and then beguile our infants with our syrupy sweet concontions of sucrose, butylated hydroxytoluene, until they resist eating anything that won't give a corpse another five years versus the worms.

And what do they say to the man who survived the plane crash, who had God on their side?  Shall he attend the casualties' funerals, to offer an epilogue how, unlike him, who God had blessed with saving, the 424 dead had, at least in God's eyes, had no more to offer anyways?

What skullduggery?  Perhaps he should ask, "Why did God allow the plane's maintenance man to be thinking of some trollops Levis rather than making sure the planes wings were suitable for icy conditions?"  

Oh, right!  This could not possibly have anything to do with us.  God allows bad things to happen as we sit idly by and watch.

So, dear simpleton -- you ask, "Which religion is right?".  Oh, they all deflect responsibility equally -- as long as there is God, there is reason to blame an invisible entity no one can prove exists.  When Bob was just a chap, Bob's nanny used to have a name for whoever left the mess in the kitchen.  

"Who left the mess in the kitchen, Bob?"


Mister No Body.

The End

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