If you're so smart Bob, why aren't you rich?

If I'm so smart, "Bob", why aren't I single?  If I'm so smart, "Bob", why aren't I rich?

Please pretend I'm taking a fifteen minute pause here while I take a long, paced walk and consider why I persist in responding to such (http://freethesaurus.net/s.php?q=witless)   tripe.

So, your question, by association could ascertain that Brittany Spears is smarter than the Dahlai Lama, because she had the foresight to be a uteromaniacial Lolita mockingly disguised as a virgin, whose intellectual prowess  brought music to its knees with this commencement of a libretto:

"Email me back and say our love will stay alive
Forever (Won't ya say, Won't ya say)
Forever, Forever

Email my heart"

Let me preempt the usual lot of dolts, ready to assault my digital mailbox, haranguing me to consider Ms. Spears struggles,  by reminding the culturally void that both Ludwig van Beethoven and Robert Franz, composed while aurally attenuated.  To save you an internet query, one can also say "deaf".

As you likely have not been able to follow such clear logic, shall I continue?  

Marie Curie,  had no money and her husband did their research in a leaky shed, having so little money that they cheered themselves up over a pot of hot tea.  As her lack of income was evident of her stupidity, she merely managed to discover radiation, something I'm sure will one day become relevant.  That was sarcasm!  Radiation is very relevant!  

Paul Erdos,  who you also have never heard of, spending your vacuous moments instead texting your contemporaries profound queries wondering if everyone else is tired of this miserable weather we're happening.    Living out of a suitcase, Paul, a mathematician laid the foundations for computer science, dying before it's full worth was revealed.

A challenge that I expect none of my apeskulled readers to conquer:

Who said:  “We have absolute clarity about the road ahead.”?

Don't even bother trying to remember how to get back to your Google query page!  That was, Rick Wagoner, CEO, General Motors, a man whose total salary up to 2007,  was ,$ 14,415,900 months before he could boast being the man inept enough to take one of America's largest companies into the corporate whorehouse called Chapter 11. 

Let me ask my readers a question in return, as a thank you for allowing me to serve questions, all of which have managed to scar my liver with their noxious bile.  How is it, dear readers, that any of you manage to survive in today's complex world of having to chew and breathe at the same time?




The End

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