Why did Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall?

Ah, if only you knew the truth. I remember this one from a story in a middle school story book. For Humpty Dumpty was the victim of foul play! For you see, the wall was not completely flat. Since a perfectly flat wall actually looks curved, the person who told Humpty to go up knew this and built a curved wall. Also, the person that told him to go up was none other than Jack. No, not the Jack that climbed a beanstalk. The Jack that jumped over the candlestick. He bet Humpty that Humpty couldn't jump the candle. Jack was right. Jack got to build the wall, and, wanting to pull a prank on someone, made the wall curved. Then, Humpty, against all odds, managed to climb and sit on the wall, where he was to supposed to stay for one hour. However, nearby in the forest, a wolf, who had just missed his chance at some pork, said to himself, "Boy, am I hungry." Then he let out a tremendous roar. This scared Humpty so much that he fell off the wall. Then a few knights, off to find the Little Blue Boy's sheep, found Humpty in a billion pieces. They tried to piece him together, but to no avail. Meanwhile, the wolf had found a little girl's grandmother to eat. Also, Jack was arrested for endangering an egg. But most importantly is Humpty Dumpty, who made a good omlet at a road-side diner.

The End

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