What are rocks?

Oh my poor under read Protagonize user, Rocks are in fact a creature from Arabic legend.  Birds so large that they caught whales the way most aviary specimens capture fish.  The Rock's eggs were a great prize.  Heroes were often given the task of procuring such an embryo to prove their worthiness.  Aladdin and myself are among them.  The boulder sized prize is prominently displayed hanging from the vaulted ceiling of my billiards room constantly tempting me with the delicious omelet that must reside within.  It is rumoured that Rocks enslave Genies for the purpose of protecting their eggs.  This is pure conjecture as the individual I encountered was clearly hired from a local egg-sitting company and was easily persuaded by monetary compensation (of a completely legal nature mind you).  If you spend more time accessing the wonders of modern technology you would probably be able to answer such ignorant questions for yourself.

The End

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