Why were chickens the first animal to cross the road?

'Why were chickens the first animal to cross the road?' Bob questioned. Here's the answer for this question:

 Long long ago when there were no roads and cart wheels and horse carriages roamed on bare earth, people would often complain of broken backs and headaches. Travel was not a luxury then, it was merely a curse. These sufferers met under a banyan tree near a farm to discuss the proceedings. Many intelligent people spoke aloud proclaiming new methods. One of them said 'Let's travel by rivers and streams. And leave alone the wretched land!' Though a few applauded there were many who disagreed. Then there was another man who stood up and said 'Travelling should be banned!' the crowd threw stones at this man. An age old person stood up coughing heavily and began to talk 'Let's look at the problem we are facing and solve it rather than escape from it.' The crowd cheered. Youngsters got up and cheered him. The doctor got up and said 'Yes, I have an excellent solution for this. I have invented a medicine which will drive away all your travel pains. By using it you will never feel a thing while you ride over bullocks and horsebacks.' A preacher got up and shouted 'Let's pray for the ground to become flat and even. God alone can help us.' It was at this moment that the builder stood up and said 'If we all work together, I can help make the ground flat and even'. Everyone shouted 'Bravo builder, we are with you'. And then the first road ever was laid down near the farm. After it was built, the people crowded near the farm and fought to be the first to walk over it. The fight began to grow serious, the elders claimed they have to cross first, the women said there should be a beauty pageant and the winner would walk over the road first, the builder said he should be the first... meanwhile a group of chickens from the farm were listening to all the noise decided they would not leave this opportunity and when no one was watching crossed the road in a single line!


The End

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