Ellie: My new room mateMature

"Katie!" I call racing across the field. "Hi, glad I found one of you. Um, is Cameron okay?"

Reo tightens his grip on Katie's hand but Katie herself smiles at me half heartedly. "He's coping I think. Alex tried to talk to him but I think he just needs to get over the fact that Gwen left"

"Yeah" I mutter feeling a sense of suspision run through me. "Well, tell him I feel the same. I cant believe she'd just pack up and leave"

Katie opens her mouth to speak but then Reo leans down to whisper. She looks at him with a frown and he looks back with a firm yet stern gaze. Suspision spikes within me again and I shift nervously on my feet.

"I have a new room mate to greet. See ya" I wave and turn on my heel. I walk off before Katie can even say bye back. I make my way across to the dorms and slip into the left one which is the girls. I race up the steps going to the second floor. I walk along the hallways slowly. I reach my room and unlock the door walking straight in.

The girl spins round looking ready to knock the shit out of me. "I'm not a murderer" I squeal hiding behind my arms which I fling up in front of my face. I wait till she relaxes to relax myself and let my arms hang to fall next to my side. "So you're my new room mate?"

The girl nods. "I'm Skye" she says not making any movement to shake my hand. How rude is that?

"I'm Ellie" I say brightly. "Nice to meet you"

"Yeah" she says turning away to begin to unpack again. I pout. Seriously, can you be any more rude?

"Guess you dont wanna be here huh?" I say simply.

"Not at all" she says tugging her suitcases to the bottom on the wardrobe.

"Well, can't you at least try and get on with me" I say harshly. She looks back at me and sits down on her bed with a sigh.

"Sorry" she mutters. "I just want to get out of here as soon as I can"

"Well, how about we go grab some food and you can meet a few people. I can tell you about the school as well"

She relaxes. "Sure" she says standing up.

"Let me just get changed out of uniform. Thats a good thing about this school we only need to be in uniform for class" I say grabbing some clothes from my wardrobe. I disapear into the bathroom.

The girls school uniform was a basic black dress over a polo neck white button-up shirt. The dress has thick straps but stopped just past over the chest. On the right brest pocket on the dress was the school logo which was a cresant moon above a tree. The dress went to the knee and from there we had to wear white stockings up to the knee. The shoes were basic formal shoes. Then long hair had to be either pulled back into a ponytail or tied up into a bun.

I change out of this into a pair of tight jeans and a long sleeve loose top. The jeans are a navey blue and the stop a pale green. I step out pulling my hair of of the high ponytail. I shake it out and ruffle it up allowing my chestnut brown hair to go wild in its curly mess.

"Right" I say smiling at Skye. "Shall we head off?"

Skye nods and we both grab our bags heading out. "So, I got told we have to be in dorms by 9 but lights off is at 10" Skye says. I nod in confirmation.

"Yeah, classes start at 9 in the morning but you can have a free period. Shower times are either 7-8 in the morning or 7-8 in the evening" I tell her. Then I see I've lost her attention as we walk along the gravel path. I follow her gaze and sigh. "That's Alexander if you must know. I wouldnt even bother"

Skye blushes slowly. "Why not?" she ask looking at me.

"He doesnt date. Besides there friend circle I would stay away from if possible. I was getting to know them last year cause Cameron started dating my old room mate, Gwen. She went home last week. There group is Katie, Reo, Josie, Alexander and Cameron. Katie is the most approachable" I continue seeing Skye listening intently with interest. "Well, she'd have to be since she's our year groups Captain. Meaning she does all the fund raising events, dances and trip arranging with the school board for our year group. Apart from approaching her with event ideas or concerns... I'd stay away from them... Of course, unless they approach you. If they do that cling on to the moment with all your strength"

The End

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