Skye: Sealed FateMature


The scowl had not moved from my lips, the crease between my brows was still firmly in place even as we drove through the ridiculously grand entrance of this seemingly pretentious boarding school. I wasn't even supposed to be here, it was all such a huge mistake. I found myself blaming anyone and everyone. My parents seemed to bear the brunt of it all though. 

Probably because they were the ones sending me to this wretched place.

The car came to a stop; the perpetual rainfall on the roof of the car never ceased. The weather seemed to be reflecting my mood perfectly. 

'Skye stop being so damn miserable, you know you brought this on yourself.'

I ignored my mother; arguing would only make the situation, and my mood, worse. Instead, I cast a glance at the large building that stood in front of us. It was like something from the Victorian era. I felt like I'd just stepped into Pride and Prejudice. Marble statues stood on either side of the granite steps leading up to thick double doors. To the right, just beyond the thick, spruce trees cut into various shapes was a vast acre of land. I could see people dotted about. 

I hated it already.

But knowing that I could not fight my fate, reached for my handbag which contained my most prized possessions and stepped out into the rain. I did not really care what I would look like; I wasn't intending on making any friends. 

My mum grabbed one of my suitcases from the boot as Dad grabbed the other.

They started up the driveway; pebbles crunched beneath their feet. Honestly, I felt like crying. It was like someone had planted an iron fist of apprehension right in my stomach. My heart pounded uncomfortably against my rib cage and I swallowed the lump rising in my throat. 

I shouldn't be here. I should not be here. What am I doing here? For a second I had a ridiculous impulse to take the car and drive off. But that wouldn't solve anything.

Sighing in defeat, I followed my parents to an unknown fate.

* * * *

I had barely acknowledged my parents departure, I was still so angry at them. But now I was beginning to regret it. The headmaster of Rochley Boarding School had left me to settle in. Everyone was in lessons at the minute; including my roommate.

Yes, I had a roommate. I was dreading meeting them. What if I absolutely hated her? What if she was a complete psychopath?

I collapsed back onto the bed, tired. Being so angry all the time was draining. 

Tomorrow would be the first proper day of lessons for me. 

To say I was nervous would be the understatement of the century.

The End

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