Boarding SchoolMature

Boarding school always seems to hide some sort of secret in this one things will never be the same again.


"Hey, Alex!" Cameron yells racing to catch up with me. "Have you heard about the new girl?" He nudges me and I roll my eyes. "Fresh blood, yeah?"

"You know we don't drink from students" I say shaking my head stopping in the middle of the school's gardens. Cameron winks and punches my shoulder lightly.

"Oh come on, Alex" Cameron teases. "Its a new girl. We can at least joke"

"You know I'm not interested in getting involved with a human" I say shaking my head. He knows I've never ever been interested in getting involved with what some of us see a walking food bags. I dont but it doesnt stop me worrying that if I get to close that maybe I'll get an uncontrollable thirst. I mean getting by on animal blood is hard and I dont know how strong of a resistance I have.

"You're such a downer" Cameron says rolling his eyes as we begin to walk again heading towards the school. The school itself is large and shows its old victorian heiratage. The boarding houses are to the west part of the grounds, the girls and boys dorms seperate of course.

"I am dead" I say with a amused smile. Cameron shakes his head also smiling and we head to up the stairs leading to the schools main door. We enter the corridors which are modern and smell fresh. Too fresh. I frown and look at Cameron who seems confused as well.

We head for our recess room and find all the vampires gathered. This includes me, Cameron, Katie, Reo and Josie. I sit down next to Josie who is my younger sister. "What's happened?" I ask the teachers which are also vampires and one human.

Mr Roman and Miss Dellise are the vampires and then Headmaster Engriff is the human but comes from a line of humans who have been helping to hide our existant for centuries.

"We were just waiting for you" Engriff says looking quite worried. "A student was killed last night"

We all take in a sharp breath but the teachers stay calm. Mr Roman now I look is also worried and quite angry. "It was a human but the killing... it was vampire"

"You cant think we did it" Katie snaps her hand gripping Reo's tight.

"No and we will be investigating this... throughly" Miss Dellise says her eyes flashing angrily. A human death at a school with vampire. A murder by a vampire you'd think the answer would be obvious. I look at my friends. Thing is we dont kill.

"I best go" Engriff says fidgetting. "We have a new student today. I entrust all of you to act normally and keep up the act Miss Gwen has returned home"

We all freeze and turn to look at Cameron whose shaking. "Gwen?" he whispers. Oh shit, I think. They'd just started going out hadnt they. Cameron turns and curses. I get up and move to comfort him.

"I'm sorry, Cameron" Mr Roman says. "You must all get to class and act normal. I know for some this will be harder"

The teachers leave and we all fall into silence. That is until Cameron punches a wall and storms out.

The End

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