Axel Arnell

This Nick guy turned out to be not too bad. He didn't look too used to the game but there was dexterity in his hands, good with smooth motions and with his reaction time, quick movement.

"So, what's your drug, short stuff?" I asked. 

"Short stuff?" He seemed a little bothered by the name, but he was over half a feet shorter than I. It fit him.

"What do you play, you don't have the right shape for rugby or football, Something that focus on the arms, takes a lot of speed and agility, not strength. "Don't tell me. Not Cricket, not golf and you don't have the face of a boxer. Fencing is that it?"

He sighed just as he caught a smash headed for the ground, sending it to me. I quickly caught it, doing a drop shot between the two opposing players that just sort of expected the other to catch it.

I distractedly gave him a hand to get back up. 

"So, what I right?"

"Yeah, blondie." He sighed. "First game's ours." He then breathed out.

I took the opportunity as we switched sides to look at how Gabe was handling himself. Poor guy had been stuck on the class' bottom tier after a couple of games, his partner was borderline comatose, stuck in what ever the heck was on his mind.

The gym class ended with us winning our fourth match out of five. It was a cake walk compared to football practice, but I was starting to be twitchy and my left shook ever slightly.

In the locker, Nick walked up to me. "Say, how did you know I'm doing fencing."

"I just read it, it's all over you." I explained just as slipped on the white shirt of the uniform, making sure to button it up all the way. "Everything people do let a small mark on them and they always react in certain way to certain stimuli. It's kind of like badminton, it's less about hitting a shuttlecock and more about reading what people are going to do, how much they're moving their muscle and etc."

He seemed satisfied by that and left for his locker. 

"Are you alright?"

I looked over and saw it was Gabe. 

"I'm fine, why?"

"You're shaking again."

I clenched my hand. "I'm fine, Gabe, really."

We got out of the locker soon enough and I sat, or rather crumbled down next to a wall in a nook that held had the door to the janitor's closet. Gabe sat beside me. 

"Want me to get the nurse?"

"Don't!" I snarled. "Last thing I want to do is have the school know, they're already on the verge of giving me the boot. I'll manage, I just need to take a breather."

He nodded and sat there in silence. Which was one thing I like about him, he was nice, he hated his father just as much as I did and most importantly, he knew when to shut the bloody hell up. 

"So, how was your team mate?"

"In the way, passive and distracted."

"What's his name again?"


"I wonder what he's like..." I mused to myself.


"Never mind, you wouldn't get it." I said, getting back up. "I'm better, see? No shakes."

Nathan. There was something on his mind, I wasn't sure what; guilt, melancholy, nostalgia? something along those cords. Something I had to know... And with how his eyes wandered in the locker, I was fairly sure he was into guys, at least I could score some easy time with how lonely he looked.

The bell rang calling for the end of the afternoon break. 

"What do we have for last period?" I asked, opening my locker, with his only two away from mine.


The End

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