Who was she?Mature

Ruby West

I felt great.
Striding through the school halls toward the gym, I felt amazing. Energy thrummed through my veins, putting a bounce in my step and grin on my face.
Everywhere I looked, students milled about, talking to their friends, waiting for a class or club to start, some just looking bleary eyed and dazed to start yet another term of school.
I felt nothing but excitement. A new term, new classes and class mates, new opportunities to come my way.

Reaching the gym, I hurried inside and bumped into a female exiting.
"Sorry!" I gasped and moved out of her way. Looking at her, I felt my eyes widen slightly.
Taking in her long black hair, the dark heavy make up around her eyes and the hazel eyes that sparkled with a sort of mischievous light.
Swallowing, I moved backward more and bit my lip. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you" I whispered and quickly turned into the girls changing room and pulled my gym gear on, neatly folding my uniform and placing it in my bag.
I skipped out to the court where the Netball tryouts were being held and walked over to my friend, Brittany.
She smiled at me then passed me the ball. "You okay? You look a little flushed" she said as I threw the ball back to her and stretched.
"I'm fine, I practically ran here" I said, nonchalant. She pursed her lips but passed the ball back to me again.
Thinking back to the girl I bumped into, I scowled. There was some place that I had seen her before, that unmistakable twinkle in her eyes stirred a sort of familiarity within me.
Where had I seen her before? I asked myself silently.

"Ruby!" Brittany snapped in annoyance when I didn't pass her the ball.
"Sorry" I muttered and passed it back to her again then turned away to do more stretches. Warming up my muscles, feeling at ease with the girl as the slight wind stirred my ponytail, brushing a feather soft kiss against my rapidly sweating skin.
Throwing myself into the familiar warm ups and techniques, my mind tunneled int nothing more than focusing on working my body to co-ordinate with the game, becoming one with my team-mates, my body becoming one constant liquid movement.

Finally, after what felt like hours, our coach blew the whistle and called us to line up as she yelled out our positions.
"Ruby, you're Goal Attack this year, Brittany you're Wing Defense..." Brittany scoffed, drowning out the coaches voice as she called out the positions.
"Wing Defense? That's bullshit" she muttered.
I shrugged and walked toward the lockers, keeping an eye out for the girl I had bumped into and felt a pang of disappointment when she wasn't there.
Brittany kept blabbing on about being in Wing Defense but I just blocked her out and got changed, said goodbye to Brittany and walked back to my room.

Who was she...? I asked myself again as the pang of obsession reverberated through me.

The End

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