Boarding LoveMature

A small group of teens are sent away to Maxwell's Academy, a private boarding school for rich students.
A Collab between; CatMonty, GardneriasCastle, myimmortal220, Li17 and Nerathul.

Axel Answell

The assistant director's officer smelled like old cigars, that barely covered the musky smell that came off the man himself. Partly balding and wearing a suit that was too size too tight for his ass, he paced a bit back and forth, sweat pouring out. I wasn't sure if it was from the higher than normal heating or just my presence.

His moist hands fumbled around his pocket and he took out a battered Zippo he carried around everywhere.

"You aren't supposed to smoke in here." I reminded him, patiently sitting in the couch of his office. My nose tickled and I ran my hand over it, a single drop of blood smeared all over it.

"Shut up!" He said, rather jumpy. "Do you know how much trouble you're giving me, Axel?" 

He used my name rather than the usual 'Mr. Answell'... He really was furious.

"First day of school, first bloody day! You get into a fight with another of our student." He stopped pacing. "You couldn't vent your little alpha male routine during the summer and now you're back. Let me tell you this; the only reason you're still here is because your father is throwing money at us by the bucket."

He sat on his desk, legs crossed, still fiddling with that lighter. His eyes stared up at me like a hawk, I could read all sorts of things in them but disappointment wasn't part of them; spite, contempt and anger were. 

"Members of the family council threatened to leave if you weren't disciplined or expelled. I told them it was self-defense, so they settled for community service. You'll report to my office everyday after school hours and you'll help the janitorial staff, same thing on the weekends from eight in the morning to three in the afternoon. Is that clear?"

"Yes Mr. Lanister." I said without any kind of emotion.

"Good, next time you feel the need to be medieval, do it away from campus, will you?" He sighed. "Lunch break's almost over, you can head to your afternoon classes."

I nodded and stepped out, where Gabe was waiting for me. Unlike me, he wore his uniform looser, untied and only partly buttoned. Without needing to talk about it, we moved in the direction of the Saint George building where the gym was, with a quick stop to my locker first.

"Let me see." He said, grabbing my chin, and moving from left to right and then in reverse. "Not too bad, Julio could have done a better job."

"Shut up, wanker." I snarled amicably at him, making him jab me on the arm. "Beside my, nose was already in powder." 

"If how you fight was equal to how much attitude you give people, maybe you wouldn't get stitches every two weeks." He said with a chuckle. "Why did he attack you."

"Thought I'd shagged his girl during the summer." 

"Did you?"

"Who the bloody hell do you think I am?" 

"I'm not going to answer that." 

"I didn't, hell, I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole, mate. She came to me, got pissed like hell and started sobbing about everything and how her life was shite. I just kept pouring until she passed out on my couch."

We entered the locker room and quite a few were looking at us, making me wonder if I had some shite on my face. A quick look at the mirror told me that, no. Not even a bruise.

I started changing, getting shirt, sweater, blazer and pants off and going into the short and tee of the gym uniform, when a guy walked up to me.

"What up, Jace?" I asked, recognizing his vintage sport shoes. 

"Are you joining the team again this year? You're the only goalie we have worth a damn."

"What about Ansen?"

"Transferred school, His dad got station in Germany."

"A shame, I liked the guy. What about Julio, isn't he gonna make a fuss, I did try to cave my face in earlier. I wouldn't want him going for my leg during practice."

"I'll talk to him, mate. It was all a misunderstanding, wasn't it." By his intonation, I guessed it wasn't really a question. He probably didn't care what happened, he just wanted his team.

"Yes Captain." 

I left the locker and entered the Gym. The pair of instructors waited for all of us to sit down on the bench before starting. I knew them well, Ms. Gardner was more a bodybuilder than an actual woman while Frank, who insisted we call him by his first name, was lither framed having played tennis professionally for a few year before coming here.

"Alright everyone." Gardner began when everyone from two classes were sitting down. "Well start easy this year; Badminton." I started looking at Gabe when she continued. "Since it's a near year, we'll drawn team at random."

I waited for a while until my name was called. I looked at who had drawn my name and didn't recognize the person, was probably some new blood.

"I'm Axel." I said, nodding. "Just tell you don't suck arse like the rest and we'll be jolly." I declared, forcing a smile.

The End

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