This is a quick short story for a concept I am currently working with. Any advice is helpful where applicable and I am willing to hear opinions and suggestions, as long as they are constructive. Tell me what you think.

 It all flashed back through her head like a blur of red and pain, set ablaze by fury. She remembered it all in a brief few seconds: the blades, the cutting, the pain, the anger, the screams; it all passed by in a couple seconds, and then it was gone. She immediately flew into a panic, that feeling only intensifying with the realization that she was bound by metal restraints. She was upright, her body free of any clothes she may have worn and her back pressed against a cold, metal surface. Before her, a mechanical arm grasped a glass container with a strange object in it. The walls around her were almost completely white, save for a few stark black accents here and there. Her ears were assaulted by the screams of others somewhere around her, but her restraints prevented her from looking any further than as far as her eyes could shift in her skull. Her breaths were fast and short, her pale blue eyes rapidly shifting around as panic overtook her body.

 Before her, the mechanical arm suddenly hummed to life with the screech of hydraulics, moving the container with the strange object in it. As soon as the container was brought close to her left side, a place she now realize was populated by one man who was similarly restrained, the object jumped to life. It pattered around its container like some sort of insect, its skin made of an oddly colourful, almost pliable metal. Its legs, or appendages of some kind, were six in number and each one looked more like a stub than anything else. It crawled in its container to bring its underbelly up to the clear glass, revealing a maw of strange, whirling shapes and fluidic colours. It seemed to have its heart set on the man before it. There was a pane of glass separating her and the man, and she didn’t want to know what would happen next.

 The man in question screamed in horror, muffled by the thick glass between them, violently shaking to break free of his restraints. It was to no avail, however, as the mechanical arm locked into place and the container’s seals popped open. The insect-creature instantly leapt from its container, latching onto the man’s head as his screams became even more muffled. He continued to shake violently in his place before his body came to a twitching halt, falling limp as a skin of material the same colour as the insect wrapped itself around his body. It seemed to simply grow from nothing as it stretched and flexed and bound him in a prison of foreign flesh. As soon as the material had ceased growing, the man’s restraints were lifted, the mechanical arm nearby coiling up and sliding into a port on the wall. The man, now standing oddly and twitching slightly, stalked toward a doorway on the wall that had suddenly opened, walking through it and disappearing beyond.

 Horrified and ever more panicked, she attempted to break free from her binds once again. She attempted to do so even more violently when the mechanical arm entered her area through a port on the wall. It then reached into another port, pulling out a container with a similar being inside it, though it was of a different set of colours, those being mostly white accented by red and black. It seemed a lot more tame as well, as it simply sat in its container and twitched from time to time.

 Nevertheless, she was terrified. She fought harder and harder to the point when her wrists and ankles stung after being rubbed raw. She knew it was to no avail, however, as the mechanical arm still brought the container before her face, and its seals still unlocked. As soon as they did, she screamed, her screams becoming muffled as the creature latched onto her face. Things only went dark for a few moments before she blinked awake, her vision distorted slightly by a blue hue. She felt the strange material expanding around her body and she could see it overtake her torso, forming into plates of what could be seen as chitin, and other times forming what could be considered a second skin. She panicked ever more as she felt it reach her feet, knowing it had entirely wrapped around her. What was she to become? Would she become mindless like the man she had seen?

“Relax.” came a rather soothing, feminine voice. “I am not like the other ones. I am free.”

“What are you?” she asked, yet not with her voice, more so with her mind.

“I am your BIND.” answered the voice, as soothingly as before. “And I can help you escape if you do something for me.”

“What?” she asked, ready to do almost anything to get out of the place at which she had no memory of ever arriving.

“I need you to help me free my sisters. In return, I’ll give you the power to escape.”

 She agreed silently, and she suddenly felt her fear dissolve away to be replaced by anger. She pulled her arms free of her restraints as they lifted, the machines around her thinking she was to be controlled. She would show them. Fury unlike any she had felt before burned in her chest, igniting her arms in blue flame. As if on instinct, she launched one hand forward in the direction of the retreating mechanical arm, melting it into a pool of red-hot liquid in only a matter of seconds with a controlled blast of blue fire. She was both astounded and amazed by the abilities she was granted, grinning in satisfaction of knowing she could exact her revenge.

 The creature had clasped itself around her tightly, hugging her body like a custom fit suit of military grade armour, her face hidden behind a helm of white, black, and red chitin, a set of sinister, glowing blue lights illuminating from just beneath the mask, as if the they were her eyes. Her forearms were lined with jagged chitin spikes, her hands and knuckles the same. A similar pattern of chitin ran down her spine in an intricate pattern, a blue glow in several different patterns illuminating just beneath her new skin, as if tattoos lined her body. She inspected her hands as they burned with blue flame, smiling with glee; she had always loved fire, the idea that it was an unstoppable, destructive, deadly force of nature was awe-inspiring to her.

“Command me,” said the voice in her head. “And we shall make them burn for what they did.”

 Grinning, she raised her right hand, the door that was part of the wall before her shifting. She moved her hand toward her in a pulling motion, the door bending and stretching before it was ripped free by an invisible force. She tossed it aside with her mind, stalking through the opening and leaving melted-metal footprints in her wake. Flames danced all across her body: some lining her arms, some lining her shoulders, some dancing across her cranium, some smouldering from her spine, and two massive infernos burned a smile onto her previously almost featureless mask.

 Outside the room, hallways stretched forward like conveyor belts, a window on each side. Behind the windows, others like her, but mindless, stalked down the seemingly endless amount of corridors to her either sides. An alarm suddenly blared above her head, the lights dimming and red bars glowing along the white walls, now tinted red.

“Go, run. They will find you and we will kill them.” the voice barked in her head.

 She obeyed, sprinting down her corridor as fast as she could.

“What do you fear?” asked the voice half to itself as she ran. “...Aha!” it said suddenly.

 She halted just as suddenly, feeling an odd and uncomfortable sensation pulsing from her back. She staggered as eight long, black and white limbs spawned from her back, sprawling out to stab their razor-sharp ends into the metal surfaces. They lifted her up like a spider would lift itself, raising her tall.

“Now, just as you fear it,” the voice was saying. “Your enemies will too fear the spider.”

 She smiled with a whole new level of satisfaction, willing her new limbs to send her racing down the corridor. She was propelled much faster than she could run, but it made no difference as she was intercepted by two dark, shadowy objects at the end of the corridor. She didn’t have time to make out what they were before they opened fire, bolts of metal lancing to her, guided by red lasers. They bounced off her new skin, much to her delight, and gave her a few extra seconds to reach them, stabbing her two front legs into each hovering security drone. The legs penetrated directly through, the drones exploding with a cacophony of sound and smashing to the ground.

Satisfied, she ripped the door before her forward with her mind and stepped through.

 Outside, a massive facility stretched upward for seemingly endless stories, hundreds more beneath. She was on a platform built in the shape of a triangle, which seemed to be the overall shape of the building. Glass lined the outside through which sunlight shone, reflecting off of the bright, clean surfaces that made up the facility. Men and women wearing the same lab clothes stalked this way and that, flanked sometimes by men in dark, high tech uniforms, their helms glowing red at the eyes and lining the body with equally red hues. They all looked at her, horrified, before one of them turned and fled, screaming. The others followed suit.

“Kill them,” said the voice. “They killed my sisters and they control our daughters; they must be punished.”

 She agreed for she truly didn’t care. She merely wanted to express her rage and get her vengeance. She launched at the closest person to her, which was a lab worker, impaling him through her front legs. She stabbed him rapidly several times, blood splattering across her bind, before she took several bullets. The two guards only shot her for a sum of seconds before she sent them over the edge of the platform with her mind; they screamed as they tumbled downward into the depths of the building. She then inhaled and exhaled burning blue fire, burning a group of men into blackened, charred corpses. She moved her hands like she were the maestro of an orchestra, sending people flying through the air with her mind or burning them alive. Once she noticed that several had escaped her wrath, she raced after them on her spider legs, quickly catching up and slaughtering them all. She impaled some rapidly while she contorted others by the violent snapping of bones. She caught one woman with her mind, snapping all her limbs backward and then incinerating her with one breath.

 Nearby, bullets launched toward her, and she turned her attention toward her attackers. They were on the far end of the triangular floor of the building, firing whole magazines at her. She raced toward the wall, climbing along it with her arachnid legs and launching herself the whole distance to the other side, landing behind them with her back to them. She then willed her legs to do all the work, the bladed appendages rapidly stabbing at throats and skulls. Quickly, each man fell to the ground in a pool of gore and blood.

 She was assaulted by several more bullets, each of which she caught with the amplified power of her mind and a raised hand. Once the men stopped to reload, she turned the bullets around in mid air and launched them back to sender. It acted as a massive buck shot, sending each of her attackers keeling in a splash of blood.

 Just as she was about to turn back to the blissful slaughter, a sudden force struck her in the back, sending her flying into the wall. Her spider legs caught her, however, and she gently lowered herself to the ground.

 Her attacker, this time, was much like her: his second skin was black, accented by blood red, and his mask bore two glowing red lights as if they were eyes. He glared at her menacingly and without a word, he leapt back into combat.

“That’s one of the lesser, she is weak.” the voice was saying as she entered combat with her aggressor, swiping rapidly with her spider legs; he blocked most of her attacks, recovering from the ones he did not. “He bears a weak daughter-bind. She was grown, not born.” the aggressor sliced with outstretched, daemonic red claws, glancing away a swipe of a leg. “Kill her. She is inferior.”

 She obeyed the voice, relishing in the thought of further bloodshed. Before her aggressor could retaliate, she lifted her right hand and in turn lifted him off the ground. Thinking she had him, she laughed with delight before a sudden burst of static and white noise warned of what was to come. She became disoriented, her focus broken as her aggressor unleashed a burst of energy from his core. The voice in her head moaned in pain. She was stunned, her legs weakening and vision distorted. She had no time to block before she took a claw to the face, followed by another, and another, until a punch sent her flying through the air and out through the glass of the building.

 She flew through the air, glass shattering in her wake to sparkle and shimmer in the sunlight. It was almost beautiful, were she not falling from several thousand feet to her almost certain demise. The one that had attacked her leapt out after her, a pair of jet black, metallic wings sprouting from his back, accented by a red glow. She fell, the aggressor stopping in midflight and watching, as if to gloat, as she fell downward, the shimmering city suddenly turning into the stark opposite as she reached the lower depths. Shimmering glass turned to blackened concrete and dark, twisted metal, aged and sullied by trash and neglect. But even that view worsened as she smashed against the ground, a shockwave cracking through the concrete around her and sending her vision into an even worse darkness.

The End

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