Blurb to begin

This blurb is just that, a blurb, it was at the beginning of a story I had started and after looking at it for a few, I decided I'm not sure if I love it. I need help figuring out whether to keep or throw..

The decision to write it wasn't the initial problem, it was how to write it that proved to be difficult. Like vomit from my fingers, the words streamed across the computer screen, but would they be enough? Would they capture the masses and beg them to keep reading as the greats before had been so successful at doing? The other question, who's voice would portray the conversationalist like protagonist that is sort of me, but really not... Ok! That may not make sense, but I remember from my high school AP Creative Writing class, Creative Non-Fiction has a flourish of mislead sentences and untruths.

To read this is to understand a normal person. One that wouldn't seem much more than ordinary, a mother, a child and a co-worker. Life would prove to be different on the inside, but from out in the world, she seemed like the girl next door. The misleading perceptions we create from observing keeps us judging others quickly, advising silently that the new girl at work is a whore, or that guy from the bar seemed 'nice'. Perceived notions without fact.

The End

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