You are awake!Mature

“Waking you!” he replied with a huge smile on his fac, She drew back a fist with which to lay me out, it was so often a matter of her trying to release her anger at me. The fist ore loose after me.  It just about got me, in the crotch. 

“Look you psychopath. We have been under attack.” He cautioned her. As he avoided the fist from connecting with him

“We have to see the captian.” She suggested as as she looked at the canister. Her eyes almost leapt out of their sockets,she looked incredulously at it as though finally seeing what it was. She looked fearful, was decked out in her leathers.



 “What is up?”he asked, as he saw the look on her face.

“Nothing really!” she lied as she began to advance towards where the captain should have been in her quarters, if was not on deck. The door was closed. he withdrew a fragmentary grenade from her jacket pocket.

“Just what the hell do you  think you are doing?”  the list asked, as she saw the grenade being put there.

“getting her up!”

“get out of here, in a hurry!” she warned.

“I suspect noting, will wake her if that did not.” The luiet suggested as an afterthought.

IWas to busy  running, to semi precious ass, from being caught in the explosion. Heard it go off. Made it by the skin f my teeth.  This worried me, I wondered what the captian would say about the hatch being blown open.Peeking back down toward where the explosion had gone off at. The screw was no more.Hearing the explosion still vibrating inside the ship.

The first mate was all smiles. She meandered down the passageway,peeking around the supports that held the ship together, portions of the explosion barely missed the luiet, but it did hit her right arm, puncured the backpack. She was fortunate the tank did not go, Kaboom.

The captain emerged from where he had been in her quarters, wearing only a thong about her groin. Hat is the meaning of this”

“We are and hav been under attack.”

“ From who?”

“I do not, know”

“Spread out and cover all sections.” The lieut. Supplied as she looked at Cathrina the captian.

She nodded in agreement with an assessment of the situation, at least one of us was thinking clearly.He looked inside the quarters and saw a guy and a girl walking out of Catherina’s quarters, they did not look happy about any of this, Looking as though they had just got into their garments.  Knowing  what this was happening when we were under attack.

Comma looked shocked by this. Behavior. I recalled when they caught her taking a guy into her room, there was hell to pay for this. Her captian expected her to turn a blind eye to this having happened here. She lost her rank and privileges for this, having occurred She did not look pleased by any of this.She winced, and wished she had not done this.

The lieut stated  calmly, “That they might have gotten more bullets for the rifles, as she was out of ammo.”

“Why has no one responded to my inquiry! “ Catherina asked, as she returned t grab her uniform. From where she had left it. Getting dressed n it, shr rushed towards the three  of us returning from whence we came/

“On the helm, they are dead! Or gassed.” Caverna supplied , as he turned around to walk back the way he had come, to check their munitions. He was troubled, by the quiet of this attack. It seemed as though someone knew that were coming, it might have been the capt. He doubted that.  Why had there been no communication with the ship and the people who came here and did this. He felt a little dizzy, reached up to wipe the hair out of his eyes.  E looked at his hand, it was dripping with blood, he was injured, Why had no one told him this.

“Where are the rest of the soldiers from the ship, ” she asked, trying to clear this up in her mind, she knew that some of the shipment might have been illegal in this sector. The  crew looked as though they had not been aware of what they were facing or who? 

The End

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