the attackMature

a crew member awakens, finding the ship that has been attacked. The helmsmen are dead. The ship was damaged and under siege. Why the ship was attacked, why the ship was attacked is unknown. Who is attacked is unknown?
The attack of the ship.

                                            CHAPTER 1



“The ship has to make it. It has too!” Caverna  declared as he looks about the helm, having just awoken he feels groggy. The helmsman’s chair is occupied by a corpse, whose head has been blown to bits. Looking about he finds that the communication system is jammed. Looking about finding that there are marks suggesting that the ship has been overrun.

By what he did not know, Was the rest of the ship safe, from whatever attacked them? He pondered as he looked into the compannway.  Since he saw no one figured, that they had been looted by pirates, since no one knew what the ship was carrying. That had to have been them, that did this.

The captian should be here? Caverna thought, as he looked over the bridge,seeing several boards were destroyed. He slipped into the passageway to the captain’s quarters.  The door should be open, as the captain should be on the bridge, as it was not late enough for him to be away from there.

The lights were emergency lit, in the passageway.   Laying behind one of the beams, prone was the first mate, holding his machine rifle and peering down the scope in his general direction,Caverna did not know as to how he should try and pass him.

“Comma, its me?” he cried out,

Comma still held her ground. He did not see her move not a solitary muscle, he wondered what gives. She should have responded to him, saying this; yet she did not.  He grabbed a wrench that was laying there where the engineer always had a tendency to leave things behind, Caverna suspected as a reminder  that he did things here, that were important too. Throwing the wrench across the passage way.

He did not see the gun move to follow it on its new course. He saw a red cylinder laying three feet from where she was poised to shot. He stepped into view from where he hid.  There was a no bang or rattattatt. 

Caverna walked towards her,  her head was down.  He reached down to check to see if she was alive, and nudged the cylinder. It rolled ovr so, he could see what was no the canister. He saw a name there that he did not recognize. E found Comma’s chest still rose and fell,; so  she was still alive.  Knocked out, by perhaps the canisters contents.

Fifteen yards more to go, to the captian’s quarters. He was worried, that someone had done this. Shouldn’t there have been an alarm going off, yet he heard none. The captian’s door was a screw type door.  Rom what he understood this ship had been passed down from hand to hand since he did not know when.

He felt sweat run down his back, and it was not hot in here, it was probably from the fear, he was feeling as he advanced down the passageway.  Other person also armed were asleep. He turned the corner. A shot rang out.

He froze right where he stood. Thinking, “There should be a voice to go with this shot fired at me.’  Peering into the abyss where t shot came from.  He stopped, raised his foot to either go forward or back.  Another shot rang out, the round blasted  a hole in the floor not too far away from his foot, that was still on the surface of the floor. Looking across into the darkness, he saw the hunched shoulders of the shooter lining up with the rifle, she/he had been using just now. The head looked way to big for the body. There was something square on ts shoulder’s too.

Caverna looked down and saw that he was still wearing his suit, the helmet was on is head. He reached up, undid the clasps that held it there. Removed the glass dome that served as his helmet for the suit.In the darkness he saw the rifle go up to stand at ease on the parade square. The owner emerged from where she had been hiding.

It was Caleen, she still had a hell of a time remove that done from the uniform. He recognized her face, as he now walked towards her. She presented her arms to him. Caverna smiled. “Nice to see you alive!”

Caleen reporting for duty, she replied once her helmet was off,  her brown hair had been cut short, her face was without a blemish. Her jade eyes looked at me, as though awaiting a response. He did not know what to say. He was relieved to find someone else alive and awake.

Caleen was one bar more than I would ever have.  I envied her for that bar. She was a lieutenant and I was a master sargent. She just got the bar, I had my hooks for God only knows when. She asked,”Where are you headed?”

“Captian’s quarters Would you care to escort me, as you have the gun.” He suggested to her, she beamed a reassuring mile at him. She stepped in front of me, forgetting  to replace her helmet, I saw the door.  It was closed, which did not matter to me, right now. We needed to speak with him, immediately.

He asked,”I think, you should knock!”

She decided, she would do better than that.  She grabbed te bar to spin the wheel with. Pulled on it with all  she might,but it did not open.  She shook her head, Pulled again, but it did not move.” I think something is wrong she warned me.”

Walking back to where the first mate, lay on her belly, reached down to roll her over on her back. As he did this, she woke. “Caverna what the hell do you think are dong?”

“Waking you!” he replied with a huge smile on his fac, She drew back a fist with which to lay me out, it was so often a matter of her trying to release her anger at me. The fist ore loose after me.  It just about got me, in the crotch. 

“Look you psychopath. We have been under attack.” He cautioned her. As he avoided the fist from connecting with him

“We have to see the captian.” She suggested as as she looked at the canister. Her eyes almost leapt out of their sockets,she looked incredulously at it as though finally seeing what it was. She looked fearful, was decked out in her leathers.



 “What is up?”he asked, as he saw the look on her face.

“Nothing really!” she lied as she began to advance towards where the captain should have been in her quarters, if was not on deck. The door was closed. he withdrew a fragmentary grenade from her jacket pocket.

“Just what the hell do you  think you are doing?”  the list asked, as she saw the grenade being put there.

The End

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