I hate trespassers

 Until now I never noticed how despicable we humans are. We kill animals just for the sake of killing, Men take married women for their own greedy selves. Women seduce Men because they know that they have that power.


               Even now, as I trudge through the cold woods, I see trace's of good that is now gone, and overrun by human despicability and stupidity.
Like that old house that's just further down the path, with is's moldy shutters and decaying wood. The house was a rotten mess. You could tell that it used to be pretty because there were some old cobble stones that were neatly laid out in front of the house, as if inviting people in, or the Dead flowers that ran along the edges of the little cottage.

              My boots stomp through the mossy grass and snap the occasional twig or tree branch as I use the sturdy trees to balance myself as the path gets steeper and more dangerous. Two weeks ago I might have run away from this path, but I don't care and got through it with ease. 

              I'm well aware that there could be robbers or rapist of even a rouge huntsman hiding along the trees, just waiting for some stupid little girl to show up and fall into their well planned trap. But to be honest, I fear for anyone who tries to stop me from completing my mission because If anyone tried to stop me, I'd show no mercy.

           There was a large "SNAP!" as a tree branch broke in two. I froze and everything went quiet. My sword was in my belt, my bow and arrows were secured to my back, and I had daggers located in various places on my body for a surprise attack if needed. 

            I sighed, and put my hands on my hips, still not facing the intruder.

"Logan, I told you that you can't accompany me. It's too dangerous."

No answer.

"Logan?" I tried not to sound worried as my hand slowly slid down to my sword and I gripped it tightly. I turned around.

                In front of my stood a tall figure, at least a head taller then me, but it had a dark hood on so I couldn't tell who or what was underneath it.

"Who are you?" I asked it, keeping my voice steady and controlled. the figure stepped out from underneath the darkness and into the light to where I could see it better. 

            'It' was definitely a boy, with strong shoulders and a think neck and a tall frame. 
"Is that...Blue Hood? I didn't expect to see you here." There was something familiar about the sultriness in his voice, but I couldn't tell what.

"Do I know you?" My voice was icy cold and he felt it. He chuckled. I narrowed my green eyes at him and started to slip out my sword just as he started to take off his hood. 
Brown shaggy hair and startling blue eyes smiled at me with a familiar twinkle in them. 

"Franklin Steward? Great. Just my luck." I groaned and put my sword back in my belt. Frank was no threat to me. I started to walk away. The thump of his footfalls followed after me and I picked up my pace. So did he. I grunted and started to walk faster. I didn't  have time for this, and I didn't want to play in his little shenanigans today. I had way to much work to do.

"Blue! Blue wait up!" He called out to me. Without turning around or slowing down I yelled:

"It's Red! I changed my name to Red!" and then I broke out into a sprint, (No one was able to catch up to me when I was sprinting) and left him in my dust.

The End

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