I was had a good heart once...

Blue loves wolf. Wolf loves Blue. Wolf tell Blue secret. Friends of wolf scared that she's gonna spill the beans. They kill Wolf. Blue becomes Red. Red breaks and that is the beginning of a whole new world for Little Red Riding Hood.

I was absolutely, positively, without a doubt in love with Wolf.

               He had silvery black hair saggy hair, bright pink lips, and liquid amber eyes that would reflect the light, making them shine brighter and seem more mischievous than they should be.  He was strong build, not to husky but not to scrawny either. If you didn't know him you would have thought that he was a delinquent.. But not me. I know wolf like the back of my hand and his bark is worse than his bite. He was more like a puppy, the kind that seemed to open up your heart, clime right in and make it his home, as snug as a bug in a rug.

               I remember when we used to sneak out in the middle of the night and stroll down through the woods where we would find a spot to sit around and talk till the sun came up. I remember when he would take me to the nearby lake and "accidentally" toss me in and then join me in a water fight. Or those times when we would have a picnic under the brilliant night sky and watch the stars and unsuccessfully try and count them all.

                Grandma never did approve of him, thought he was a bad influence, though I was usually the one to come up with all our schemes. I never told her though. She said that I was gonna end up hurt and that I shouldn't trust him. I was foolishly in love and didn't heed her constant warnings, and continued to think that I was one of the lucky one's and that I had found my one true love.

              But things end. Wolf is dead and it's all their fault. After everything that I've seen and been through, I'm never gonna forgive them. I'm not gonna rest until my mission is complete and I have their blood on my hands. Until I rip out their heart's and throw it in the deepest parts of Hell. Until they feel the same pain that I have felt. Until they're dead and I'm dancing on their graves.

               My name was Blue and I think my grandmother was partially right in the end, only I still continue to believe that I'm one of the lucky ones. But I was hurt. No--more than hurt, I was broken, gone and empty, my inside's twisted up and frozen to ice, then shattered into nothing but darkness and pain.  I realize now that I died along with Wolf, only I'm still alive.  

              Those Demons have created a monster. A monster so dangerous and vial that she will kill even family to get revenge. My name is Red now, partially because I'm the 3rd Generation Red Riding Hood, partially because I'm in deep on the bloodiest path to ever exist, and I can't wait to see what's on the other side.

 I'm Little Red Riding Hood.

Only I'm not so little anymore. 

The End

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