Scene Fourteen

the castle
ENSEMBLE remain in their positions. ANNA and SISTER are CS. BLUEBEARD suddenly enters SR.

BLUEBEARD: Your fifteen minutes are up. Prepare to meet thy doom!
ANNA: I'm sorry, but that's just so clichéd.

BLUEBEARD draws his sword.

NARR. 1: Oh, I can't look! (cringes) Oh, no wait, I have to, don't I? (to the audience) But luckily, at that moment... 

BROTHERS enter SL, followed by NARR. 2, who takes up his DSL position again.

BLUEBEARD: Hey, no fair!
NARR. 1: And so, because of Narrator Two's quick thinking-
NARR. 2: Credit where credit's due.
NARR. 1: The day was saved. Anna's three brothers killed Bluebeard-
BLUEBEARD: Well, they haven't yet.
NARR. 1: Haven't they? (to BROTHERS) What're you waiting for?


NARR. 1: Right. The three brothers killed Bluebeard, and everything was lovely.


NARR. 2: Oh, hello. I wondered where you'd got to.
PRINCE: I can see again!
NARR. 1: That was a surprisingly quick recovery. What happened?
RAPUNZEL: I cried on him.
PRINCE: Her tears have healing powers!
NARR.s 1 & 2: Ri-ight.
NARR. 1: Anyway, the long and short of it is-
ALL: Everyone lived happily ever after.
NARR. 1: The end.

Exeunt omnes.

The End

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