Scene Thirteen

the castle
ENSEMBLE don't move from their previous positions. PRINCE is CS. NARR. 2 enters from SR and is walking towards SL. The doorbell rings.

NARR. 2: Who can that be? I'll go see.

He exits SL. Moments later he returns, followed by RAPUNZEL. When she sees PRINCE, she runs to him.

RAPUNZEL: My prince!
PRINCE: Rapunzel!
RAPUNZEL: What happened to you?
PRINCE: Ah, it was stupid. I managed to blind myself on some thorns. Silly mistake.
RAPUNZEL: Oh no, you poor thing!
NARR. 2: I've really got to go and find some guys. Matter of life and death, so... Bye!

He exits SL.

The End

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