Scene Eleven

the castle
ENSEMBLE stay in their semi-circular positions but turn to face outwards instead. The window is no longer there. ANNA stands CS facing the audience. An ENSEMBLE member is crouching in front of her as a sink. ANNA is trying to wash the key.

NARR. 2: Hey, Anna.
NARR. 1: Whassup?
ANNA: Urgh, I'm trying to wash the blood off this key, but it's not coming off!
NARR. 1: That's odd.

NARR. 1 stands beside ANNA and has a look.

NARR. 1: No, it's not, is it? Hmm. Ah well, you've still got... Five days? Four days? Till Bluebeard comes back.
NARR. 2: Four, I think.
ANNA: Okay. I'll keep trying.

The doorbell rings.

ANNA: Oh, that's the door. You couldn't get it, could you?
NARR. 2: Of course.

NARR. 2 exits SL.

NARR. 1: I wonder who that is... ?

NARR. 2 enters SL leading PRINCE, who is walking unsteadily.

ANNA: Who on earth is that?
NARR. 1: Oh, I recognise you! It's the prince!
PRINCE: What is this? Where am I?
NARR. 2: (aside) He's finally gone mad.
NARR. 1: All that poetry, I think. (to PRINCE) What's the matter with you?
PRINCE: When I fell out of the tower, I landed on some brambles, and managed to blind myself.
NARR. 1: Well, that sucks.
PRINCE: Yeah. (to ANNA) So, I was wondering if I could stay here for a bit.
ANNA: Sure, but my murderer husband is due back in a couple of days, so you might want to leave just before he comes back.
PRINCE: Okay, will do.

The doorbell rings again.

ANNA: Now what is it?
NARR. 2: I'll go check.

NARR. 2 exits SL.

NARR. 1: I'm beginning to feel a bit like a spare part... I mean, I haven't really done any narrating recently... And I don't actually know what's going to happen next... This is all a bit of a learning curve for me...
ANNA: Don't worry, I think you're doing just fine.
NARR. 1: Thanks.

NARR. 2 enters SL at a run.

NARR. 2: It's Bluebeard!


ANNA: Oh, Bluebeard! What a... um... surprise. I thought you weren't due back for a couple of days...
BLUEBEARD: Yes, I was. But I came back early. Who is this?
ANNA: Um, I'm not really sure, but he (motioning to NARR. 1) seems to know him...
NARR. 1: Er, hi. I'm Narrator One, this is Narrator Two. We're not really part of this story at all, actually. We're just going now. Bye.

NARR. 1 goes DSR, NARR. 2 goes DSL. PRINCE exits SR.

NARR. 1: (aside) That was close.
BLUEBEARD: How are you, my dear?
ANNA: (trying to hide the key behind her back) Um, fine, thanks. Er... I'm really tired, so...
BLUEBEARD: Do you have my keys? 
ANNA: Er... yes... (she reluctantly hands him the bunch of keys - all except the bloodied one)
BLUEBEARD: (looking at them) One seems to be missing.
ANNA: Um. Here you go. (she gives him the bloodied key)
BLUEBEARD: Thank you. (he examines the key) What is this? Blood?! You've betrayed me!
ANNA: No, please!
BLUEBEARD: Now you shall join my previous wives, Anna. Say your prayers!
ANNA: Oh, please, can I? Just give me fifteen minutes with my sister to say my prayers. Please!
NARR. 2: Bluebeard was a God-fearing man.
NARR. 1: Apart from the whole serial killer bit.
NARR. 2: So he allowed Anna fifteen minutes with her sister to say her prayers-
NARR. 1: While he prepared to kill them both.

The End

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