Scene Ten

the tower
ENSEMBLE move to make a semi-circle, facing inwards. There is a window SR. RAPUNZEL is SR, pulling on her hair. PRINCE is hiding behind some item of furniture SL. WITCH enters SR and climbs through the window. RAPUNZEL goes CS.

RAPUNZEL: Hello. Um. Did you forget something? 
WITCH: Yes... Actually, no. I heard voices. Is everything okay?
NARR. 1: (despairing) Oh no!
RAPUNZEL: Uh, yes, everything's absolutely fine, completely wonderful, is there anything you need, only I'm a little tired...
WITCH: Don't worry my dear, I won't keep you long...

She starts looking around the room for PRINCE.

NARR. 2: Oh no...


WITCH: Aha! I knew something was going on! 
RAPUNZEL: Well, would you look at that - I wonder how he got there?
WITCH: (rounding on RAPUNZEL) You betrayed me!
RAPUNZEL: What? No, I-
WITCH: Get out!

WITCH grabs RAPUNZEL and cuts off all her hair.

RAPUNZEL: No! My hair!

RAPUNZEL exits SR through the window.

WITCH: (turning to PRINCE) You too! Go on. Out.

PRINCE exits SR through the window.

WITCH: (to NARR. 1) What're you looking at?
NARR. 1: Err... (to NARR. 2) I think maybe we should go now...

The End

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