Scene Nine

the outside of the tower
Most of ENSEMBLE stand around being trees and shrubs, while the taller ones gather SL in a sort of semi-circle, like the base of the tower. PRINCE enters SR and walks CS.

NARR. 1: Back at Rapunzel's tower, the prince was waiting for the witch to leave so he could help Rapunzel to escape with the rope ladder he'd just bought...
WITCH: (from offstage) Bye, see you!
RAPUNZEL: (from offstage) Bye!

WITCH enters SL and walks SR. PRINCE hides behind a tree. WITCH exits SR and he comes out again and goes SL.

PRINCE: (staring up at the tower) Rapunzel?
RAPUNZEL: (from offstage) Oh, I thought you'd never come! Have you got the rope ladder?
PRINCE: Right with me!
RAPUNZEL: (from offstage) Okay, I'll chuck my hair down, then.

PRINCE exits SL. NARR.s 1 & 2 are watching him climb up but then NARR. 2 glances over SR and notices WITCH, who's entering SR.

NARR. 2: Err...
NARR. 1: (seeing WITCH) Uh-oh. Um... Rapunzel?
RAPUNZEL: (from offstage) What?
NARR. 2: The witch is here!
RAPUNZEL: (from offstage) Oh no!
PRINCE: (from offstage) What do I do?!
RAPUNZEL: (from offstage) Quick, hide in here!

WITCH exits SL.

WITCH: (from offstage) Oi! Rapunzel! Chuck your hair down, will you?
RAPUNZEL: (from offstage, flustered) Er... Yes! Just coming!
NARR. 1: Oh dear...

The End

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