Scene Eight

a corridor
ENSEMBLE don't really move, except the door is now CS. All the WIVES are hidden behind it. ANNA enters SR and starts towards the door.

NARR. 1: Oh yes, we were right!
NARR. 2: The next day-
NARR. 1: Five days before Bluebeard was due to return-
NARR. 2: Anna left her sister finishing dinner-
NARR. 1: And decided to open the last door.

ANNA stops CS in front of the door. She looks at the key in her hand.

ANNA: (to herself) What should I do? Argh, I really want to see what's inside! But Bluebeard did tell me not to...
NARR. 1: Oh, stop being stupid. What could he possibly have in there? Go on - open it!
ANNA: Alright. Okay. Yes. Fine. C'mon. Right.

She unlocks the door. Immediately, all the WIVES fall out of the door. ANNA screams, jumps backwards, and drops the key.

NARR. 1: No! Anna, you idiot!
ANNA: What've I done now? Look what he's got in his cupboard! 'Nothing bad' you said! Yeah, right!
NARR. 2: You've dropped the key!
NARR. 1: (longsufferingly) In a pool of blood. I know.
ANNA: Oh my god, please, can one of you help me close this door?
NARR. 1: Fine.

NARR.s 1 & 2 help ANNA to shut the door and lock it.

NARR. 1: (to ANNA) You'd better go wash the blood of that key before Bluebeard gets home.
ANNA: Oh, of course, I forgot about that. I'll go do that now...

She exits SL.

NARR. 2: (looking after her) I hope she'll be okay...
NARR. 1: Yeah... Me too...

The End

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