Scene Six

the tower 
ENSEMBLE move to make a semi-circle, facing inwards. There is a window SR. RAPUNZEL is CS.

NARR. 1: Rapunzel was sitting in her tower, all alone, felling pretty rotten and lonely, when-
PRINCE: (from offstage) O fairest maiden, let down your golden hair!

She runs SR to the window and looks out.

RAPUNZEL: (in a stage-whisper) Who are you?
PRINCE: (from offstage) I am a prince, O fairest maiden!
RAPUNZEL: OMG (spelling it out) A real actual prince! Sure, come on up!

She throws her hair out of the window.

NARR. 1: And so the prince climbed up Rapunzel's hair... And through the window.

PRINCE appears SR and climbs through the window.

RAPUNZEL: Hi. I'm Rapunzel.
PRINCE: O fairest maiden! Song of my heart!
NARR. 1: (aside) Definitely poetic.
PRINCE: You are all that I dreamed you would be and more! Please, say you will come with me to my palace where we shall be wed and live for ever in peace and harmony!
RAPUNZEL: Sure, I would, but there's just the small problem of me being in this tower. With no stairs and no door. So... Do you have a plan, or... ?
PRINCE: Ah. Yes. Well... Um. I'll think of something. Don't worry, my love, I shall invent a plan so cunning that-
NARR. 1: Yeah yeah yeah, you get the picture.
NARR. 2: Did he come up with a plan?
NARR. 1: Yes. Eventually.
PRINCE: I've got it! I'll come to you every day, after the witch has been, and I'll bring you silk which you can weave into a ladder!
RAPUNZEL: Or, you could bring me a rope ladder. Just a thought.
PRINCE: Good point.
NARR. 1: Okay. Well, folks, we're going to leave Rapunzel for a bit and jog on back to Bluebeard. Or rather, his latest wife, Anna.

The End

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