Scene Five

the outside of the tower
Most of ENSEMBLE stand around being trees and shrubs, while the taller ones gather SL in a sort of semi-circle, like the base of the tower. WITCH enters SR and walks SL.

NARR. 1: One day, when the witch went to see Rapunzel... 

PRINCE enters SL, walking slowly, trying not to be seen by the WITCH. A couple of times, WITCH glances round and PRINCE hides behind a tree.

NARR. 1: A prince who happened to be riding by saw her, and decided to follow her.
NARR. 2: As you do.


WITCH: (from offstage) Oi! Rapunzel! Chuck your hair down, will you? 
PRINCE: What the... ?

As NARR. 1 speaks, PRINCE looks gradually further upwards (like he's watching WITCH climbing).

NARR. 1: The prince watched in surprise as the witch climbed up the outside of the tower.
PRINCE: I must find out what beautiful maiden lives up in that tower!
NARR. 2: He decided.
NARR. 1: (He was particularly poetic, this prince.) And so he waited patiently as it grew darker and darker. Eventually, he saw the witch climbing down the outside of the tower again, and hid as she passed.

WITCH enters SL, looking around her, and hurries offstage SR.

NARR. 2: And then he decided to pay a visit to Rapunzel.
PRINCE: I shall pay a visit to that beautiful maiden!
NARR. 1: Huh. Not very original, is he?

The End

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